Back in the Saddle Again

I saw my doctor a week ago, and he gave me clearance to ride my bike again. Biking is a fundamental part of my lifestyle: I use it for transportation any time I can, it’s my primary form of exercise, and a vital source of sanity. I started out nice and easy on a flat bike trail with slow acceleration and letting my good leg provide more than its share of the power. It went great! I did 13 miles that first day and have followed up with more short rides since then. I am thinking about my bad leg less now, and going a little faster, but I’m still staying away from hills for now.

My PT is going well too. Initially I could only raise my foot 3 degrees above horizontal and had a lot of swelling. I found a compression sock to help control the swelling and my foot can now move 8 degrees above horizontal. So far my exercises have mostly been for strength and balance while the PT manipulates my ankle to improve range of motion. I’ve noticed a big improvement in strength and balance and I’ll be starting some stretching exercises soon to work more on range of movement. Things are starting to feel a little bit normal, which is a great feeling given where I’ve been.

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