Taking the Slow Road

I’m 9 weeks out from surgery and I saw my doctor today. Everything is going great, but we’re taking the transition from the boot slowly. My rupture was at the top of the Achilles tendon, where it transitions to muscle. Because of where it is, the transition to two shoes needs to be slower than what is typically done. I took the first wedge out of my boot 4 weeks ago and I just took out the second of three wedges. By the time I see my doctor again in 6 weeks, he expects me to be in two shoes but how I get there is up to me and my comfort level, as long as I don’t stretch the Achilles too much, too fast. Although a part of me wants to defenestrate my boot right now, I guess I’ll try to go two weeks, then take out the last wedge, maybe spend a couple weeks wearing no boot in the house and boot outside, and then a couple weeks exclusively in shoes before my next appointment. As much as I’m getting tired of the cumbersome smelly beast shackling my leg, I really don’t want to screw things up so I’ll try to take it easy.

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  1. Take it slowly Hun. I’ve ruptured mine 3 times and as a result had to have my Achilles totally rebuilt using the plant is tendon and a part of my calf muscle to create a flap. So slowly slowly. If u are not sleeping in ur boot any more wash the insert before u go to bed and let it dry as I know they get very smelly!! Good luck on your road to recovery!

  2. I’m thankful that my surgery was relatively simple and the surgeon didn’t have to scrounge for spare parts! You are sadly a pro at ATR, so I appreciate your wisdom (my family would appreciate a less smelly boot too) and wish you luck this time around.

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