De-wedging: A Reality Check

I was rocking the silly walk with 1 3-inch heel a month after surgery - I looked funny but I could walk almost normal speed without crutches and felt stable doing so. Today, I had a follow-up appointment with the doctor and everything is healing very well. He took a wedge out of my boot as I anticipated and said I’d see him again in a few weeks. I can’t walk with abandon as before, as it gets sore if I walk too much. I’m sure I’ll adapt soon, but it reminded me of the length of the journey and that it wouldn’t always be easy. The doctor said I might start PT in 4 weeks or so - I didn’t think to ask if that meant I’d be two-shoed or not, but I’ll take whatever comes.

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  1. You definitely need to go back to basics (take small steps, walk slower) with each change. It took me several weeks to dewedge myself when I went 2 shoes. But that’s the way to do it since all your muscles and bones have to readjust as things get repositioned and stretched more. I didn’t start PT until I was in shoes - but when people start PT is about as varied as the recovery protocols.

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