The Hobble Phase

I am full weight bearing now, with surprisingly no discomfort when I put all my weight on my booted leg. You all might have noticed that getting around is a little awkward in a boot with a 3 inch heel and an immobilized ankle. I manage a silly walk without crutches which works but is more of a forward shuffle. What I’m wondering is if you all think it is worth it to “walk” and try to improve or if you just kept using a knee scooter or crutches even for short distances. Has anyone had any secondary injuries resulting from silly walking or crutches? I want to keep making progress on my mobility, but I wonder if at this point I just need to wait 3 more weeks until they start taking wedges out of my boot.

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  1. Hey :)

    I’m a few weeks ahead of you, just over 9 weeks.

    I definitely embraced the silly walk phase. My bad foot was turned out a little, kinda hard to avoid that when you’re 3 inches taller on one side.

    I had the occasional twinge in my knee and hip but nothing major,
    My advice though would be to not walk to far. If you’re moving around the house then just go for it, get that weight through the foot. You’re unlikely to get other aches and pains from just a few steps from room to room.

    Also, listen to your body. If it hurts, stop. Simple really.


  2. andyfrancis, I’m glad I’m not alone with the silly walk. I was at a friend’s house today and did a bunch of silly walking because it was simpler than using crutches. I’m just afraid I’ll do something unwise and give myself another injury which I really don’t need right now!

  3. Get an evenup for the other foot so you’re feet are at the same height or find a shoe with a high heel or thick sole that gets you to the same height. And then take small steps so you can walk normally even if you are doing tiny steps. My PT guy tells me, regularly, to focus on doing the exercises/walking/… etc right rather than fast or trying to do it with no assistance (like holding onto a wall when I jump). Once you are doing it right (with assistance or by taking small steps) then work on doing it with less assistance (or taking longer steps in your case). Eventually things are strong enough/flexible enough to do it more normally.

  4. I always tried to tell myself when walking.. heel to toe… heel to toe… it will help with you trying to walk “properly” :)

  5. I was having twinges in the knee on my bad leg when silly walking, especially down stairs, but that seems to have gone away. I do try to focus on what I am doing so I minimize risk, but as I get better at it (or am I overconfident?) I think less about what I am doing. I have an appointment on Monday and anticipate getting the first wedge out of my boot so hopefully my walk will start getting more normal.

  6. I’m 10 1/2 weeks post op now. 2 1/2 weeks out of the boot. I’m working hard on getting a “normal” walking gait back. I have to go slow.

    The first few days after 8 weeks in casts was very tough. I’ve found that the best exercise was heel on the ground while sitting and raising my toes…then with bands…and now full weight bearing. I still do all of the other exercises. My calf/tendon tightens up within 10 minutes of no activity though. My DPT said that would last around 2 months until my calf/tendon find their right length.

    FYI for your future: I’ve been focusing on this particular stretch (toe raises with heel planted on the floor) before walking out of my office/meeting so I can get that gait normal.

    Hope this helps. So glad to find this site!!

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