The Couch Phase

I’m new to the Achilles recovery thing, having had surgery 4 days ago.  You all are more familiar than I with the various stages of recovery, and I am perusing the site to learn more.  Being on the couch with my leg elevated all day every day for two weeks is pretty boring, even if I am able to work on my laptop.  I am hopeful that my healing is going well under my cast so that I will be able to move on to PWB.  I have a few mundane questions for those of you who have been through this: 1) When I get to PWB, is that when I can start more or less standing on two feet to brush my teeth and shave etc., because standing on one foot is getting REALLY tiresome. 2) I don’t have any pain when I’m lying on the couch with my foot elevated, but it’s pretty uncomfortable when I stand up and it feels like my leg fills with fluid.  How long does that feeling last?  I’m sure I will have more questions later - thanks for your help.

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  1. Hey sorry to hear about your ATR welcome. It is really hard the first 2 weeks mentally and physically. It does get better. Yes, the feeling of blood rushing thumbing etc will go away when you stand. I would say my 2nd week it stop.
    I was on NWB in a cast for the first 3 weeks. At week 3 I was put in a boot and put on full weight bearing. I am 40 pretty Active female and I’m at week 8 of ATR surgical route. I’m driving and wearing 2 shoes pretty much all day except a few hours when I’m at work. (I do it because I’m scared but my surgeon to ditch the boot)
    I have learnt that everyone’s recovery and protocol is different. It’s really based on your surgeon. If you are put on PWB then yes you can stand on two feet putting partial weight on your AT.

  2. Thanks for the reply ty620, and congratulations for making it to two shoes! I had my post-op appointment today. I had no swelling (also no longer feeling the fluid rushing into my leg when I get up) and I’m healing well so they put me in a boot. So technically I’m PWB just 6 days out from surgery. I’m allowed to do whatever is comfortable for me, but I’m taking it really easy for now. I’m starting with letting my foot rest on the floor when I’m seated or standing on crutches and I’ll see if I can stand on my leg a little bit when I brush my teeth. The couch is still a comfort zone but I’m free to move about as I like and don’t have to elevate during the day. I’ve got 4 weeks until my next appointment, so there’s no need to rush things.

  3. Wow that’s awesome and probably the first i heard and/or read could put weight on just 6 days later. I was in a cast first 3 weeks with staples in.

    Did you have your stitches /staples removed?

    I would say take it easy especially your first 14 days don’t put any weight and keep it elevate.

    Happy to hear no swelling and blood rushing pain when you put your foot down.

  4. Yeah I appear to be the earliest to PWB here, but it must just be how my surgeon does it. My sutures will be absorbed so they don’t need to be removed. The tricky part was getting my boot straightened out so it wasn’t causing me pain. I’m trying a little bit more each day, but I haven’t really put much more than the weight of my leg itself on the boot. Although I do get up more now, my default location is still on the couch with my leg elevated. I have a little swelling and numbness/tingling on the outside of my foot - I don’t know how much of that is from being off the couch too much, my previously misaligned boot, or nerve damage which I understand is pretty common.

  5. There is a nerve that runs on the outside of the foot, under the ankle bone. That nerve often gets moved around/irritated during surgery. I had a similar problem and some pain there too. Eventually it all went away as the nerve calmed down from the abuse it received :)

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