De-wedging: A Reality Check

I was rocking the silly walk with 1 3-inch heel a month after surgery - I looked funny but I could walk almost normal speed without crutches and felt stable doing so. Today, I had a follow-up appointment with the doctor and everything is healing very well. He took a wedge out of my boot as I anticipated and said I’d see him again in a few weeks. I can’t walk with abandon as before, as it gets sore if I walk too much. I’m sure I’ll adapt soon, but it reminded me of the length of the journey and that it wouldn’t always be easy. The doctor said I might start PT in 4 weeks or so - I didn’t think to ask if that meant I’d be two-shoed or not, but I’ll take whatever comes.

The Hobble Phase

I am full weight bearing now, with surprisingly no discomfort when I put all my weight on my booted leg. You all might have noticed that getting around is a little awkward in a boot with a 3 inch heel and an immobilized ankle. I manage a silly walk without crutches which works but is more of a forward shuffle. What I’m wondering is if you all think it is worth it to “walk” and try to improve or if you just kept using a knee scooter or crutches even for short distances. Has anyone had any secondary injuries resulting from silly walking or crutches? I want to keep making progress on my mobility, but I wonder if at this point I just need to wait 3 more weeks until they start taking wedges out of my boot.

The Couch Phase

I’m new to the Achilles recovery thing, having had surgery 4 days ago.  You all are more familiar than I with the various stages of recovery, and I am perusing the site to learn more.  Being on the couch with my leg elevated all day every day for two weeks is pretty boring, even if I am able to work on my laptop.  I am hopeful that my healing is going well under my cast so that I will be able to move on to PWB.  I have a few mundane questions for those of you who have been through this: 1) When I get to PWB, is that when I can start more or less standing on two feet to brush my teeth and shave etc., because standing on one foot is getting REALLY tiresome. 2) I don’t have any pain when I’m lying on the couch with my foot elevated, but it’s pretty uncomfortable when I stand up and it feels like my leg fills with fluid.  How long does that feeling last?  I’m sure I will have more questions later - thanks for your help.