Its all incremental…..

February 13th, 2013

Hey guys,

Its seriously been a while……Hope you’re all recovering really well and feeling positive about getting mobile and active again!

I"ve just been working on all the small, hard stuff, stretches, flexibility, strength, mobility etc etc.  Regular physio and massage appts too - these really help keep you on track and my physio (really sweet girl) always congratulates me on my progress!! Important for this stage as its really slow and incremental… ;-)

But its all good. I can work out in the gym now and have started doing different workouts with friends, the pool will always be my friend though..

No more swelling, bruising or pain. Only a little stiffness after training or lots of stretching, but that’s to be expected really. No major stiffness in the morning now which is real progress apparently?! YEAH!

two weeks shy of 6-months post-surgery now, really happy with progress and feel confident about getting back to 100 or 99%! :-)

Just remember peeps - it all takes time!

Adios amigos


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