Two steps back, one step forward

November 21st, 2012

Hey Hey!

So I’ve been trying to be really consistent with all the exercises, swimming and stuff in the pool and its made a really made a difference to the flex in the achilles and calf.  However I had to fly back/forth to Sydney twice in the last two weeks for work.  One of those times, I had a wkend away with some friends in Jervis Bay National Park, did some walking and swimming…but unfortunately also got my leg sunburnt.

So that by the time I got back home again, my leg was RED RED RED and all swollen with fluid….a little too much of everything me thinks. :-( The poor little chicken leg was telling me it was time to rest…So after some tests for a DVT, which were all normal, I rested up for a week and then got back in the pool.

But the hard work is SLOWLY paying off, I’m now walking almost normally about 80% of the time…I only struggle when I’m tired, so not all bad. LOVE getting massages with the physio, it makes such a difference to my leg/achilles!!

So feel like I’m back on track now and moving forward. Need some other form of exercise soon though before I get a little pool crazy.. ;-)

But all things considered, life is sweet.

ps- compression socks or stockings for flights - anyone tried/used them? Advice? Anyone else get a little swelling with flying?

Over and out

Miss Emm

One Response to “Two steps back, one step forward”

  1. Muriel on December 7, 2012 4:36 am

    Hi Emma, I am 1 week behind you, ATR on right leg (surgery). I took first flight last week, surgeon suggested taking aspirin before each flight and flexing my toes throughout. I was wearing the cam-boot - causing more than a little fuss at the x-ray - and walked quite a bit around the airport as you do. I had booked wheelchair assistance on the way back & was really glad of it as it was a massive airport and i was exhausted by then. About a couple of hrs after getting home my foot felt suddenly really warm and red and swollen. I knew it was time to rest (i had been up since 4am) & apply lots of ice!! I had worn (hospital) compression socks on the flight, but i am not sure they helped. In fact they felt quite uncomfortable on the scar & i wondered whether it was because of the sock that my foot felt so warm. I think the jury’s out on anti-dvt socks for ATR: i had an unrelated op on Monday and the nurse said they would only put a compression sock on my good leg, NOT on the ATR leg to avoid putting pressure on tissue that is still healing…

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