Almost marathon fit… ;-)

August 12th, 2013

Hey there guys,

Been a while yet again….amazing how life takes over so quickly once you’re mobile and fit again?!  Been playing touch rugby and working hard in the gym (boxing, pump, yoga, PT sessions) to get back to 100%…..

Well I’m 100% considering I lost 4cm off my achilles and 4cm off my calf.  My flex is probably never going to be as good as it used to be, but the main thing is that it doesn’t hold me back from playing sport or exercising. :-)  AND it doesn’t so for me, I’m all good with it.

Going SNOWBOARDING in less than 4 weeks and can’t bl**dy wait to carve up some piste and go nuts!! Yes to celebrate one year after the ATR surgery, I’ll be in NZ enjoying the white stuff. Can’t wait!! ;-)

So for all of you who doubt you’ll ever get there…work hard, keep smiling, do what the doc/physio/PT says and stay strong!! It all pays off in the long run..

I wish you all the very best recovery , rehab and rebuilding of your sporting lives!!

Miss Emm :-)

Match fit

May 21st, 2013

Hey there guys,

Its been AGES!! As most of you will be aware life really does take over again once you’re back on your own two feet again.

I’ve been working hard in the gym, body balance (kind of yoga/pilates) and in the pool.  I’ve also started running on the treadmill and have confidently got it up to 4km (I used to run much more, but I will get there eventually).

The physio has now given me a fartlek/interval training regime to get my foot and leg up to 100% match fit before I re-enter sports again.  I’ve been taking my time with this whole recovery process, because I have read with horror the awful injuries people collect when trying to do too much too quickly or when people have v unfortunate accidents!! OUCH!!!!!!!!!

So I believe Im 10 months out of surgery and I’m 100% confident that in two months, I’ll be as close to 100% mobility, strength and flex as I’m ever going to be. Still not a lot of muscle on my left calf, it is v slowly building up again.

I wish you all the safest, most comfortable and easiest of recoveries! I’m not going to say speedy now, because in my experience all the good things come to those who wait!

Take Care,

Miss Emm

Its all incremental…..

February 13th, 2013

Hey guys,

Its seriously been a while……Hope you’re all recovering really well and feeling positive about getting mobile and active again!

I"ve just been working on all the small, hard stuff, stretches, flexibility, strength, mobility etc etc.  Regular physio and massage appts too - these really help keep you on track and my physio (really sweet girl) always congratulates me on my progress!! Important for this stage as its really slow and incremental… ;-)

But its all good. I can work out in the gym now and have started doing different workouts with friends, the pool will always be my friend though..

No more swelling, bruising or pain. Only a little stiffness after training or lots of stretching, but that’s to be expected really. No major stiffness in the morning now which is real progress apparently?! YEAH!

two weeks shy of 6-months post-surgery now, really happy with progress and feel confident about getting back to 100 or 99%! :-)

Just remember peeps - it all takes time!

Adios amigos


Two steps back, one step forward

November 21st, 2012

Hey Hey!

So I’ve been trying to be really consistent with all the exercises, swimming and stuff in the pool and its made a really made a difference to the flex in the achilles and calf.  However I had to fly back/forth to Sydney twice in the last two weeks for work.  One of those times, I had a wkend away with some friends in Jervis Bay National Park, did some walking and swimming…but unfortunately also got my leg sunburnt.

So that by the time I got back home again, my leg was RED RED RED and all swollen with fluid….a little too much of everything me thinks. :-( The poor little chicken leg was telling me it was time to rest…So after some tests for a DVT, which were all normal, I rested up for a week and then got back in the pool.

But the hard work is SLOWLY paying off, I’m now walking almost normally about 80% of the time…I only struggle when I’m tired, so not all bad. LOVE getting massages with the physio, it makes such a difference to my leg/achilles!!

So feel like I’m back on track now and moving forward. Need some other form of exercise soon though before I get a little pool crazy.. ;-)

But all things considered, life is sweet.

ps- compression socks or stockings for flights - anyone tried/used them? Advice? Anyone else get a little swelling with flying?

Over and out

Miss Emm

FWB and walking…WOOT!

October 22nd, 2012

So…its been a while since I wrote my last blog, because life suddenly takes over when you starting walking again….!! ;-)

But I’m 2 months post-surgery today and have been walking now for two weeks. Got my cam boot off on Thurs 4th Oct and have been walking without the boot just in flat shoes. Apparently wedges are the way to go (in shoes), but the achilles feels really good and is increasing with flexibility day by day.

Doing lots of pool work an exercise with therabands to keep me mobile. The pool is best be because I don’t get any swelling afterwards.

Want to get another massage of my calf and maybe (friction massage of the ) tendon.  Seeing physio regularly and apparently things seem to be going well… :-)

Now its just taking day by day and working on my strength and flexibility - the HARD WORK! Determined to get back to 100% or as close as possible, so will keep at it.

As I’ve said before, its all about the small stuff really…

Keep it real everyone


Its all about the small steps….

September 20th, 2012

Its all about the small steps right in this recovery journey right? So last night was the first time I felt comfortable and confident sleeping without the cam boot on.  I’m allowed to now, but haven’t felt confident about the strength of my ankle/leg, because I stretch out in bed and was afraid I’d flex my foot too much etc.  But all was good!

Then because I’m also allowed to shower without boot now, I had my first shower standing up (unaided) and it felt good!

Tomorrow I’m going to venture into the world of driving again…can’t wait!! I’m sure I’ve been driving my family mad with all the lifts they’ve had to give me to get to work and elsewhere…so its nice to feel independently mobile again.  Have a docs clearance to do so too, so should be kosher with insurance etc.

Its been a good week this week! May it continue…

Happy healing everyone! :-)

ps- I like this saying "its possible to move a mountain, but moving small stones away every day"

Calf soreness?

September 12th, 2012

Hey guys,

Does anyone else get a sore upper calf once starting to PWB? I’m guessing I’m over-doing it a little…but my leg or ankle hasn’t swollen up, its just my calf that feels sore..I’m hoping that’s just because I’m starting to use it again…

Just checking in?


Miss Emm

PWB!! Every little step counts…

September 11th, 2012

Howdy all!

Saw the physio today and everything seems OK and normal at this stage - swelling normal, mvt normal, can statically contract calf muscle which is reassuring…Had a great massage as well and SUPER glad that I can now take the boot off to shower and in bed - although slightly scared now after so long in the boot, I’ll see how it goes.

Also got told that I can now start partial weight-bearing with my crutches and as soon as I feel confident, to wean myself off the crutches…so at the very least a small step forward in the right direction.

Didn’t hurt that my physio was cute either?? ;-)

Hoping I can make it through this stage with no dramas or slips/falls. So - easy does it huh?

Ciao for now

Miss Emm

Miss Emm’s recovery blog

September 4th, 2012

Hey peeps,

WOW - what a great site! I left the (public) hospital here in rural Australia with very little information (after surgery on 22/08), feeling very uninformed and powerless..but now I feel forearmed!

So did my achilles playing AFL (our footy code) on 18/08 and heard the “usual” bang/snap and was cursing all the other team for ‘kicking my ankle’, but apparently there was no one around me…HA! ;-)

Had surgery 4 days later and apparently all went well. Rested for a 7-10days at home (thank god I’m currently living with family!) and got a cam/walkabout boot fitted on 30/08. But wasn’t given exact instructions re: weight bearing, so did 2-3 hrs shopping soon after with crutches, only to realise NOW that I completely over did it and now need to ensure I don’t weight bear at all!!! DAMN…but the swelling has gone down, due to rest/elevation and I’m not in any pain etc. So hoping everything will be OK?!

So reassuring to hear similar issues/problems/pains etc. Am working from home intermittently with half days at work - does anyone else get incredibly bored at home all day??? I know I should be enjoying the R&R, but honestly not used to being inactive, I think this is the biggest hurdle for me to overcome in recovery…

I saw the physio on the 04/09 for general check up, apparently everything is as it should be…How good does it feel having someone (anyone?) touch your leg/foot and massage your calf?  Oh my poor weeny calf and apparently its only going to get worse….Determined to be a good rehab girl from now on in, as I’m dreaming of snowboarding already….. :-)

Best Wishes to all!
Miss Emm