2 months post op….Riding again!

November 2nd, 2010

I got my cast off finally, just over 2 weeks ago. What a relief! I had to use my crutches to leave the hospital! Very weak at first, but have been gaining strength & flexibility daily. I’ve been having physio 3 X weekly..about an hour each time & the stretches & massage are becoming less painful each visit. I’ve carried on with my gym work (3X a week) & last week in addition to the bike, I got back on the cross trainer too. I started with 3 wedges, worn in the heel of my trainers; my surgeon did not advocate the use of a boot, but straight back into 2 shoes after my cast was removed. I am already down to 2 wedges (’talonettes’ in French)& walking almost normally again…with still just a slight limp. Walking is painful over any distance more than about half a mile; my heel starts to hurt; but this also is getting easier daily. Today I went out for an hour’s bike road on the road & have suffered no ill effects at all; the terrain is quite hilly where we live, so it wasn’t effortless & really got me tired. I’m riding my horse again too: to start with I rode without stirrups as using them put too much pressure on the achilles; but it’s 2 weeks later; & yesterday I successfully attempted some canter work again!My horse is slowly getting fit again with me.

I have my fantastic Hand Free Crutch (http://www.iwalk-free.com/) for sale if anyone’s interested! I spent £300 on it……so; make me a sensible offer. It was the most brilliant piece of kit for continuing my busy life as far as possible, normally. I run a B & B & holiday cottage business in France, so using the iWalk I could cook, serve guests, make beds & even look after my horses; it really did do exactly what it said on the box! I can post this from the UK next week if anyone’s in the market for a top invention. I only used it for a month; it is almost as good as new & I can supply photos as required.

So: I’m carrying on with icing my leg 2 to 4 times daily; stretching & exercising. Hoping to be playing tennis again by the end of Jan! Right now moving house, from the North to the very far South of France. I’m very grateful for my health & hope to have a full recovery from this injury, in due course.

2 Responses to “2 months post op….Riding again!”

  1. elsurfer on November 3, 2010 12:01 am

    +1 on this crutch, I used mine while in splint and cast. It’s worth every penny. I borrowed mine from a friend and need to return it, but I was waiting til I was confident my AT wouldn’t have further issues.

  2. Peter on November 4, 2010 1:23 am

    You are doing very well to be bike riding 2 months post op. My first ride wasn’t until 10 weeks post op and it was only for 15 minutes. So congratulations and job well done. It’s a nice feeling isn’t it, to get your life back?


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