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So at my first post-op visit my cast gets cut off.  The doc looks at my incision and it has closed so the sutures come out, steri-strips are glued on and I’m fitted with the Bledsoe removable boot with 3 heel wedges.  I’m allowed to weight-bear as tolerated and told to come back in 3 weeks.  I’m told to keep it on most of the time but can stretch my foot/ankle a few times a day.

Well the boot feels awful.  It’s clunky and feels like its pushing into my incision.  I look up the boot on the internet.  I redo all the straps and move the heel wedges as far back as I can and it feels much better.  It is tight fit though.  And I’m happy I can take it off!

9 days post-op. Cast off, stitches out!

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