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The day after my surgery around 10 am (about 20 hours post-op) my popiteal nerve block wore off.  I was in the worst pain I’ve ever been in.  Even with 2 percocet every 4 hours I didn’t want to move- my foot it felt like it was burning.  The horrible pain lasted a day, was slightly less the next day and then I was fine by day 3 (with percocet!). I could scoot around but I had to keep my leg elevated most of the time. Day 4 post-op I started taking vicodin and by day 6 I didn’t need any pain pills during the day.  I did take one at night to help me sleep.  Spent most days in bed with my leg elevated.  I  went to a Halloween party for a few hours on my scooter but that was a bit much and I had to spend the next day in bed with my leg elevated again.

While I was in bed that first week I read that some people had a cooling unit in there cast.  That probably would have helped alot with the swelling and pain. Also have been taking aspirin (325mg), a multi-vitamin, b complex vitamin, vitamin e, and calcium daily.  I’m going to read up on the glucosamine/MSM and see if it helps with tendon injuries or not.

I have 2 kids that have to be driven to school, practices, etc. I had to ask for alot of help.  My sister took over making all the meals and doing our laundry and friends drove my kids around.

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