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Saw my doc today and he said I don’t need the boot anymore! BUT he still wants me to take it on my trip and wear it in the airport and on the sand but for normal day to day stuff I don’t need it! Yay!!!
He also gave me the ok to start swimming and doing the stationary bike. I am looking forward to getting back in shape and getting some good cardio in
Don’t have to see the doc for another 6 weeks (3 months post-op) so just a bunch of PT until then…


A few days ago I quit wearing my brace in the house at all. It just made for a really awkward gait. I have no pain in my foot FWB but I don’t have my full range of motion so I kind of hobble like I have a peg leg. I try to roll it heel to toe but it will definitely be awhile before I get rid of the limp.
I saw the PT today for the first time for my evaluation and she basically just took measurements and gave me my home instructions:
1) Ankle pumps 10 reps, 3x/day
2) Ankle circles 10 reps, 3x/day
3) Alphabet (with toes)
4) Straight leg raises (opposite knee bent) up to 50x/day
5) Sitting towel pick-up with my toes. Reps until fatigued
6) Sitting tap feet to music, up and down, left and right
7) Gentle massage of scar (side to side and up and down)
8.) Ice afternoon and evening
I lost 1.25 inches off my calf (!) and although I can walk without the brace I can’t do the full range of motion- only to -20 degrees.
I see my doc on Thursday so we’ll see what he says re: the brace. She didn’t want to do any manipulating since the doctor’s orders said no to active dorsiflexion until 10 weeks post-op. I have my first real PT session on Friday and will post again then.

No more heel wedges in my boot! Now I can walk around without crutches 50% of the time (the other 50% on 1 crutch), take showers standing up (yay!) and even hobble around without a brace inside the house (for a little bit). I finally started driving since I can get to the car fairly easily (I had some stair issues…lol)
I have my first PT eval and session next week so we’ll see how the next stage goes. Still icing 2-3 times a day and elevating after I’ve been up for awhile.
We are going to St. John in 10 days and am a little anxious about the plane flights and maneuvering around airports. I’m debating on whether to bring a wheelchair since I’m nervous to be around so many people and having to walk too far. Also would love to “walk” on the beach and even wade in the water (I’ve already accepted I won’t be getting any snorkeling in) but not too excited about wearing my boot…Any suggestions? I’ll ask the PT and doc too but seem to get more tried and true solutions here!!

Today I can walk comfortably with 2 heel wedges! I almost can’t believe it since yesterday morning it hurt and felt too tight and I had to use 2 crutches! When I went from the cast to the boot it took me a good week before I could PWB and another week before I could walk with one crutch. Today my foot feels great and I even walked WITHOUT crutches up and down the hallway! Yay!
I don’t have any pain and it doesn’t look swollen but I’m laying down now with my foot elevated and icing it to give it a break. I was wondering if anyone had a good recommendation for a reusable ice pack? Maybe one that velcros on?

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Saw the ortho yesterday for my 4 week post-op and he took out a heel wedge and told me to take out the last one in 5-7 days. Well I can hardly weight bear again (hurts and feels tight) and need to use 2 crutches. He also gave me a prescription for PT- 2 times a week for 8 weeks. I’m hoping to start that at week 6 post-op but haven’t got through to scheduling yet. Incision looks good and scabs are almost gone.

4 week post-op

4 week post-op


I was thinking I’d try a stationary bike, swimming, rowing machine? Just wondered when others ahead of me started these activities or had suggestions for others. (I’m 3.5 weeks post-op, PWB with one crutch)

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Yay- incision is healing up well and learned how to walk on one crutch!  It’s tiring though and I have to elevate and ice it afterwards.  See the doc Monday- I think he’ll take out a heel wedge and hopefully allow me to start PT!
3 weeks post-op

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After 2 days of trying to sleep with the boot on I start taking it off whenever I’m laying around.  It’s more comfortable and I try to do ROM exercises severals times throughout the day.  I always put the boot on anytime I move around though.  Knee caddy is starting to wear on my knee a bit so trying to move around on crutches.  Brought out the scale and “walked” over it a few times to see how much weight I was bearing on my bum foot- only about 25 pounds.  Really starting to miss the gym and being outdoors. Did some push-ups/sit-ups but miss the cardio burn.  Wonder when I can try an exercise bike??

2 weeks post-op

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So at my first post-op visit my cast gets cut off.  The doc looks at my incision and it has closed so the sutures come out, steri-strips are glued on and I’m fitted with the Bledsoe removable boot with 3 heel wedges.  I’m allowed to weight-bear as tolerated and told to come back in 3 weeks.  I’m told to keep it on most of the time but can stretch my foot/ankle a few times a day.

Well the boot feels awful.  It’s clunky and feels like its pushing into my incision.  I look up the boot on the internet.  I redo all the straps and move the heel wedges as far back as I can and it feels much better.  It is tight fit though.  And I’m happy I can take it off!

9 days post-op. Cast off, stitches out!

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The day after my surgery around 10 am (about 20 hours post-op) my popiteal nerve block wore off.  I was in the worst pain I’ve ever been in.  Even with 2 percocet every 4 hours I didn’t want to move- my foot it felt like it was burning.  The horrible pain lasted a day, was slightly less the next day and then I was fine by day 3 (with percocet!). I could scoot around but I had to keep my leg elevated most of the time. Day 4 post-op I started taking vicodin and by day 6 I didn’t need any pain pills during the day.  I did take one at night to help me sleep.  Spent most days in bed with my leg elevated.  I  went to a Halloween party for a few hours on my scooter but that was a bit much and I had to spend the next day in bed with my leg elevated again.

While I was in bed that first week I read that some people had a cooling unit in there cast.  That probably would have helped alot with the swelling and pain. Also have been taking aspirin (325mg), a multi-vitamin, b complex vitamin, vitamin e, and calcium daily.  I’m going to read up on the glucosamine/MSM and see if it helps with tendon injuries or not.

I have 2 kids that have to be driven to school, practices, etc. I had to ask for alot of help.  My sister took over making all the meals and doing our laundry and friends drove my kids around.