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Feb 06 2011

6 months video, far from normal but a silver lining

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Hi Team,

Glad to see the site back up. Since my last post back in mid December, I’ve managed to slack off my therapeutic specific exercises over the last 1.5 months and I’m paying the price. Holidays and more specifically-WORK- have kept me both physically and emotionally too drained to work on my leg. My single leg calf raises aren’t incrementally that much better than they were 1.5 months ago. I’ll post a video and you can be the judge. I *have* been consistent in my martial art workouts, fast walking at least once or twice a week, but there is still a slightly noticeable difference in calf size. The last negative I’ll mention about this 6 month anniversary is that I still get a lot of stiffness in the AT area when it’s idle (ie. sitting at a desk, getting out of bed) and it takes a few moments to stretch it and get walking again. There is no more heel pain, just stiffness.

However the last two weeks I’ve worked on changing that - hit the gym even when traveling, starting to hike on uneven terrain more often and mountain biking as hard as I did before the injury. I got to go surfing about 3 weeks ago (in cold 55 degree water with no stiffness!). Even more encouraging - This morning I did a 5 mile trail run (about 65% of that was running, the other 35% walking steeper uphill) and to my surprise, there was no calf weakness that would have caused my stride to be uneven like back in November. No favoring of the AT’d leg. This was true even at the end of the run.

My goal is to make the Camp Pendleton Mud Run in April (10k) and maybe play 1 full court game of basketball in the upcoming weeks.

The scarring has flattened out quite a bit, I’m happy about that, no weird rubbing or irritation from any of my shoes. AT is still thick, but I can live with it. There is zero swelling even after vigorous exercise.

Anyways aside from the stiffness, I’m feeling a lot more confident and comfortable and taking a few more risks.

Life is pretty much back to normal activity wise. I can confidently say you should be able to do 100% of the things you did before injury at 6 months post op. How hard you are able do them, well… YMMV. 4 weeks ago if someone asked me how I was, I would have said my calf strength was 60%. Today, I’d say about 70-75%. I really think it’ll be a 1 year gig for me.

Videos of stuff 6 to 6.5 months - you’ll get there!

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