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Dec 17 2010

Bump… 21 weeks or 5 months.

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weird way to post a picture but here goes. this is for Kaston’s reference about AT thickness and the “bump” on the back of the heel.

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Dec 02 2010

19 weeks, don’t come back!

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15 minutes til 9a.m. my meeting reminder goes off and I rush over to the Dr.’s office for my follow up appointment at 9. Sit around for a while, Dr. comes in, asks a few questions about pain, exercises I’m doing etc. I tell him it’s all pretty good, except for some calcaneous pain behind the heel, stiffness after sitting for a while, and thickness. He says it’s all typical and I’m on track. Full recovery at about 1 year for calf strength. I’m optimistic about getting full strength sooner, but know that reality is he’s right and that it’s a really slow process. We shake hands and I’m not to come back unless I have any issue or questions.

It was bittersweet to pay my last $25 co-pay, hey it’s $25 bucks, but it’s my last one. (all my other Dr.visits that weren’t PT were covered under the entire “procedure”).

More on the thickness and pain behind the heel which I asked about. Apparently after surgery, everything heels in a big glob/ball of scar tissue, which of course is what the thickness is all about. The heel pain he says, is caused by the stretching and molding of the AT and sheath at work. The thickness will go down “a little” as things stretch and work themselves out.

The “bump” on the back of the heel won’t go away. (I’ll post a pic or two of my scar and thickness to this post shortly).

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