Nov 29 2010

Week 18.5 wow has it really been 4.5 months? vid update.

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I haven’t been able to follow much as of late because work has really been kicking my rear and life has been steadily getting back to normal.

I’ve been going to the gym about 1 or 2 times a week when I can’t do my regular routine of trail running and mountain biking after work (due to rain or getting home really late). Gym time for me means some where between 10pm to midnight, but I try to do all of the rehab exercises. At 4.5 months and with current calf weakness, they are still very relevant. On top of the PT exercises, I’ve added machine single leg presses, squats, some weight. I find the Bosu Ball very important for proprioception. I then throw in about 20 minutes of shoot around time on the basketball court (weights are boring to me ;) not any competitive full or even half court, just shoot around and easy post moves.

My calf measurements have been the same as they were a month ago - 18.5″ on my left non ATR’d and still 18″ on the injured but dominant leg. I think there’s more definition in ATRd calf however.

Activities are getting back to normal - I feel I’m about 50 to 65% on my endurance cardio and am hitting it pretty hard on the trails. Over longer distances of running and towards the end, the calf weakness becomes apparent. I do firmly believe that running inclines is going to be a huge factor in continuing to build up calf strength.

I’ve been able to go almost full contact on my martial arts workouts. In my last sparring and grappling matches I didn’t have to think about favoring my leg at all. I was more cognizant of my crappy conditioning.

If I had to rate my calf strength, I’d say I’m about 50-60% back normal. Swelling on a scale of 1 to 10 is like 1.5. I haven’t iced or raised in about a month.

Difficulties for me at point?
Disappointed at how thick the AT is (like 2.5x thicker than non ATR’d), but such is life and I’ve had to give up my aspirations to become a male shoe sandal model.
It’s winter and the air is dry, but the ATR’d leg tends to be dryer and itchier.
I need to stretch more (like daily), I don’t believe I’ve healed long nor have the potential to heal long at this stage.

Anyways, here’s my 18.5 week video. I ran about 6 miles up some really steeper trail miles yesterday so I’m really stiff and my calves are fatigued. Heel lifts were difficult. Hard to come up with something different showing progression but here goes -

6 Responses to “Week 18.5 wow has it really been 4.5 months? vid update.”

  1. Ronnyon 29 Nov 2010 at 1:18 pm

    Really impressive moves / jumps. Im 1 month ahead of you, but i really doubt that i coud do those jumps. Jogging is ok, but the only thing that gives me a little bit of pain and swelling is driving longer than appx 1 hour. And the cold weather here in Norway know, -10 degrees C.

  2. normofthenorthon 29 Nov 2010 at 9:09 pm

    Kewl moves and excellent progress, Surfer! :-)

    I loved your “. . . I didn’t have to think about favoring my leg at all. I was more cognizant of my crappy conditioning.” That was EXACTLY my experience when I skied a week at Whistler at 17 weeks post-non-op!! (With me, it was mostly my crappy thighs!)

    Your calves and leg lifts are coming along great, except that you’re still bending your knees, especially on the right side, and double-especially hanging over the step, where your “lift” is more of a “roll”. I don’t exactly know why that knee-bend roll makes it so much easier than with straight knee. I don’t believe it’s just because we’re leaving our Ctr of Grav at the same height. But whatever it is, I’ve found the same thing, exactly. If you really want to isolate the Gastroc and test its progress, I think straight-kneed lifts are the way to go.

    BTW, I’m not sure I could EVER do a 2-legged leap up 4 stairs! Maybe, my volleyball vertical is decent enough. Never tried, but it sure LOOKS impressive — with or withOUT the injury and the rehab!!

    BTW, I THINK the fact that you’ve initially torn your dominant-leg AT bodes well for your other one. My theory is that weirdos like me, who tore their NON-dominant side first, are at higher risk of tearing the AT we REALLY abuse! No studies, no evidence, just logic, FWIW.

  3. elsurferon 29 Nov 2010 at 10:33 pm

    Heya Norm,

    Thanks for the reply and wishing you the best on your other surgery.

    Yeah, that knee roll gets me every time. I can actually do much better straight kneed heel lifts and more of them, was just really fatigued. I’ll do a re-do at some point.

    I’ve played basketball for a long time, and what’s weird is that I’m more of a one legged leaper off my left (non dominant leg). Maybe it’s that way because layups are done with the right (dominant shooting hand) leaping off the left foot. So my fear in playing b-ball competitively again, is tearing the other/left while leaping. When i played club level V-ball that’s when I learned to leap off two, but I really enjoyed the occasional slide attack off a back set.

    I go back on occasion to see my week 5 video / blog entry and man, I’ve come a long way although it didn’t really feel like it a most of the time. I’m only on mile 9.4 of my marathon, I still have a ways to go… Keep working hard and stay positive.

  4. kastonon 30 Nov 2010 at 3:49 am

    wow, those jumps look great. looks like you’re doing incredibly well. 6 miles of trail running up an incline? i don’t think i’m even close to jogging yet. hopefully this heel pain goes away ASAP…

  5. teresa1on 30 Nov 2010 at 1:26 pm

    Thanks for all your videos, I’m about a month behind you and they really help me in having something to aim for.
    I hope I’m as diligent as you doing the exercises when I get back to work.
    Regarding the dryness, try massaging with vitamin E oil twice a day. This may sound daft, but if you have a bathtub, hanging a pair of tights, or stockings filled with oatmeal under running water is very effective for dry, itchy skin.

  6. iski7bon 18 Dec 2010 at 2:20 pm

    Awesome video!!! You are an inspiration…I’m so psyched to see such amazing recovery, so far. Thanks for the motivation!

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