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Nov 29 2010

Week 18.5 wow has it really been 4.5 months? vid update.

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I haven’t been able to follow much as of late because work has really been kicking my rear and life has been steadily getting back to normal.

I’ve been going to the gym about 1 or 2 times a week when I can’t do my regular routine of trail running and mountain biking after work (due to rain or getting home really late). Gym time for me means some where between 10pm to midnight, but I try to do all of the rehab exercises. At 4.5 months and with current calf weakness, they are still very relevant. On top of the PT exercises, I’ve added machine single leg presses, squats, some weight. I find the Bosu Ball very important for proprioception. I then throw in about 20 minutes of shoot around time on the basketball court (weights are boring to me ;) not any competitive full or even half court, just shoot around and easy post moves.

My calf measurements have been the same as they were a month ago - 18.5″ on my left non ATR’d and still 18″ on the injured but dominant leg. I think there’s more definition in ATRd calf however.

Activities are getting back to normal - I feel I’m about 50 to 65% on my endurance cardio and am hitting it pretty hard on the trails. Over longer distances of running and towards the end, the calf weakness becomes apparent. I do firmly believe that running inclines is going to be a huge factor in continuing to build up calf strength.

I’ve been able to go almost full contact on my martial arts workouts. In my last sparring and grappling matches I didn’t have to think about favoring my leg at all. I was more cognizant of my crappy conditioning.

If I had to rate my calf strength, I’d say I’m about 50-60% back normal. Swelling on a scale of 1 to 10 is like 1.5. I haven’t iced or raised in about a month.

Difficulties for me at point?
Disappointed at how thick the AT is (like 2.5x thicker than non ATR’d), but such is life and I’ve had to give up my aspirations to become a male shoe sandal model.
It’s winter and the air is dry, but the ATR’d leg tends to be dryer and itchier.
I need to stretch more (like daily), I don’t believe I’ve healed long nor have the potential to heal long at this stage.

Anyways, here’s my 18.5 week video. I ran about 6 miles up some really steeper trail miles yesterday so I’m really stiff and my calves are fatigued. Heel lifts were difficult. Hard to come up with something different showing progression but here goes -

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