Wound Healing

Hi! I am fine now! My wound is healing all right and I’m used to my new foot splint.  But always take it off to get some air.

My first injury was on 18/06 while I’m playing badminton without warm-up exercise.  Doctor told me that I got 30% of tendon intact but surgery was a option with less chance of re-rupture.  So I chose to have the operation.  After that I wore a cast for 4 weeks and changed to another up-right cast for 3 more weeks. 

 On 10/08, the cast was taken off and doctor said that I could try full weight  exercise.  So I put on my shoes and walked.  I walked quit good and I even thought that I could back to work within one month.  Maybe I walked too far or too hard, I hurt my achilles again on 18/08.

That’s all my story.  I hope nobody follow!

Good Luck!                                           


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