First treadmill jog!

September 16th, 2015

16SEP15 - R+14 1/2 weeks, non-op, early weight bearing protocol

My Doc suggested working on the treadmill and setting a goal of running two miles at an easy pace around the 16 week mark.  Today, I jogged for the first time since injury, stopping after 1/2 mile and feeling pretty good.  I am still not pushing off normally on the injured leg yet, but just the fact that I could jog at all felt like remarkable progress.

Today was my third trip to the gym in the past couple weeks.  While I was at there, I did a few sets of squats, leg presses, toe extensions, etc..  The strength is returning to the injured leg.  Life is good.

For those earlier in their journey: be patient, push yourself but don’t hurt yourself.  You will be back in the game before you know it.

Oh, yeah… and it appears that every day at the gym is now a leg day. ;-)

  1. Robert Valente Says:

    Wow congrats! I am curious, since I am back in the gym now too, what you define as “jog”. I am doing treadmill work but it is what I would characterize as “walking” at 5 KPH. My protocol calls for no true running or jogging, i.e. having only one foot on the ground as opposed to two, for a couple of more months. How fast are you going?

    I like your comment “every day is a leg day” - isn’t that the truth!

  2. ejbvmi Says:

    Thanks, Bob. My protocol may be ambitious, but in weeks 13-16 it calls for:

    Single Leg Heel Raises (not even close to doing this yet)
    Treadmill-running progression program
    No calf atrophy (I have a calf muscle, but it still has a LONG way to go)
    Run 2 miles at easy pace

    In months 5 and 6, it calls for
    Running progression program-progress to track and hard surfaces
    Agility drills/plyometrics
    Return to all activities
    Pass physical fitness test at 6 months

    On the treadmill yesterday, I did two sessions. Round one was 10 minutes, and started walking, then increased the pace gradually up to 11:00 minutes/mile. After doing strength work, I stepped back onto the treadmill and walked for 1/4 mile, then increased the in a couple increments up to 10:00 minutes/mile. I confess that it was a bit of a glide because of my weakened calf, but I tried to be as symmetrical as possible. I was really pleased that things actually felt comfortable and pain-free, but did not want to push it by going too far on my first attempt. I stepped off after 1/2 mile at the 10 minute/mile pace. I did have a little in-ankle swelling in the evening, but the AT felt strong and is pain free this morning.

    The gym rats must be amused by the level of effort I have to put into my leg presses of such little weight, but I am just glad to be back in the gym! I am not in a race or trying to push it too hard… just keeping with the program my Doc and PT are monitoring. Keep up the great work, Bob! Good luck!

  3. bobfv Says:

    Thanks Evan - best of luck to you, inspiring progress. I know exactly what you mean about others looking at you doing the leg press with such light weight :)

  4. oscillot Says:

    Jogging already, Evan? That’s great! I’ve had much more time, and still haven’t gotten permission to run. I’ve worked up to sets of 425# leg presses today, though. Just rehabbing differently, I suppose.

  5. ejbvmi Says:

    425 pounds? Dude, you are a beast! It had been awhile since my last leg press when the injury occurred, so it will be awhile until I get even in the neighborhood of that load. I did a few at 225 lb, though, which made me feel a little less pathetic than previous sets. ;-)
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