R+9 weeks, 8AUG15

I have been walking in two shoes for almost a week now, and I am pretty happy with the state of things.  My first steps were very tentative, but thanks to my PT’s help and daily work I am beginning to roll my heel up a bit more each day.  It still takes me awhile to get where I am going, but I just allow for a little extra time and the satisfaction is worth the extra time.

The tendon and calf are a bit stiff in the morning, so my morning routine now includes some work on the exercise ball.  My wife bought the thing years ago, and I rarely did anything with it.  It is my new best friend.  I sit in my lounge chair with my foot on the ball, and roll it in a variety of directions to loosen up my AT/calf and strengthen the muscles along the back and sides of my lower leg.

In addition to the work on the exercise ball, I also do two-leg heel raises on a couple of thick books, as well as alternating single heel raises (not full weight on a single leg… sort of a PWB heel raise).

The combination of these two activities is a good warm-up for my injured leg, and I can walk a bit close to ‘normal’ after doing it.  My calf is still super-weak and I can’t push my heel up with it as one normally would in stride, but things are improving daily.

The swelling at the end of a work day is far less than it was a few weeks ago.  At this point, it does not cause any really “puffiness” in the ankle and foot… just enough to stiffen the ankle and limit my ROM a little.  Evening elevation and ice normally clear that up within an hour or two.

Happy healing, everyone!

  1. oscillot Says:

    Sounds like you’re progressing very well. Keep it up!

  2. Mattycee Says:

    Pleased to hear that the progress is continuing well. You’ll be back to full fitness before you know it.

  3. Carmen E Delgado Says:

    Hola! I had a partial tear on my right Achilles tendon on April 17, 2018. After several visits to my Physiatrist, and 8 physical therapy sessions.while the MRI was ready and revealed the partial tear, I was recommended to see an Orthopedist but had to be specialist on foot and ankle. And after several battles with two orthopedists, I decided to see a Podiatrist who oriented me and told me about all high risk of I decided surgery: old age(65), past hx of Cancer( thyroid, Breast ,uterus and ovaries, chemotherapy), being a diabetic and overweight. I was astonished and anxious. Depressed and feeling helpless. Well the Podiatrist ordered me to try a boot, not weight bearing for 6 weeks. I am feeling blessed, and I also ordered a shoe balancer for my left foot. I was still afraid to walk. But I am doing so with the help of a cane and a wheeled walker. I hope I can make it, and go back to work soon.
    Thank you for your guidance
    Be blessed,
    Carmen E Delgado
    Carolina, PR
    E mail
    c.elisadelgado@ gmail.com

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