Almost 3 weeks since second surgery

Posted on December 3, 2011 by efrain66.
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Alright. So I am not yet sleeping well, but getting better. Thinking still about asking for Valium, but trying not to take anything else.

Off the Lovenox shots which is nice since those hurt like hell. I am in a fiberglass cast now for 4 weeks. Blood clots feel better at least now that the Cumidin is kicking in.

Energy is starting to come back too. Still lifting an overweight body with mainly your arms is tiring.

Longer process and more work, but every day is a victory. I can’t be thankful enough of my wife, 2 young children and my inlaws who have been super helpful.

All of you, thanks for checking in on me. I am going to go and read your stories and progress today. Haven’t been able to get out of my own misery the last few weeks, but you eventually have to decide that it isn’t where you want to be.


Comment on December 3rd, 2011.

It does sound like you’ve turned the corner efrain66- keep it up, and good luck (you’re certainly due a bit).

Comment on December 5th, 2011.

hey E… keep up the progress! glad to hear that your are making strides into the right direction. i’ll most certainly agree w/the help… my wife & 8 y/o daughter have been amazing. my mom & dad have been great too, b/c they actually drove me to my surgery since my wife couldn’t take off work. plus they’ve been back up a few times since my surgery nearly 3 wks ago to visit & help out w/items around the house/lawn. i had my 2nd post-op appt today, and they’re telling me i’m progressing quite nicely and actually ahead of schedule. i might add i also got my stitches out today. i see where you’re in a hard cast, i’m in a soft cast and it’s working out ok. did you have the option for a soft cast? glad to hear you’re doing better. keeping you in my prayers! take care E!

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