Full recap, because I find it all unbelievable

Posted on November 22, 2011 by efrain66.
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Oct 25 - Ruptured left Achilles playing basketball, went to ER.
Oct 27 - Surgery performed, normal reattachment.
Nov 9 - Follow up is successful, most sutures removed, switch to boot and 1 more week of NWB.
Ultrasound for blood clots is positive 2 blood clots in repaired leg. Tech runs into foot, after another meeting with surgeon everything is fine.
Blood clot treatment causes circus of events in trying to get medicines which ends in me falling while standing on a knee scooter in line at a Walgreens and re-rupture left Achilles.
Nov 14 - Second surgery that includes using some grafting thing in my tendon and then to add strength a tendon from my foot was also attached.
Nov 15 - knee block wears off and I am hospitalized by the pain.
Morphine and Percoset are given, with Morphine in a 10 minute drip. I learn that morphine make me itch my entire body raw. Get a fever.
Nov 17 - Assorted pain killers, muscle relaxants, and nerve damage pain killers later we find a concoction of Neurotin, long and immediate OxyContin and Tylenol that let me feel like my leg isn’t exploding.
Nov 18 - I come home. INR is not getting high enough so I am continueing Lovenox shots which hurt.
Nov 21 - few days home of uncomfortable, sometimes not sleeping, sometimes sleeping 16 hours, being hot all the time when other people are in jackets and a blanket.

So I am 1 week post second surgery. 5 more of NWB. Tired of the cast and trying to find comfortable positions. Tired of the hot flashes and sweats. Tired of being a burden. Tired of this injury.

That is the venting part. Now I am backing off pain killers and several of the drugs as prescribed and no addiction problems that I can tell thankfully. Hard to tell with everything else and the depression. Either way it feels good to share.

I know it will work itself out, but the process sucks. So be it, try your best. I am continueing to try my best and trying not to have too many down days. Swelling and pain are both better. Restlessness still a problem, but hopefully I figure it out sooner rather than later. Thanks again.


Comment on November 22nd, 2011.

Hang in there- it WILL get better. Sounds like you’re already making some progress; weaning off the pain meds and back home.

Comment on November 22nd, 2011.

Had hot flushes and then going cold in the early days. Hated the cast. Found out I had a claustrophic type reaction to the cast so got if off in a week and went to a boot. Also was prescribed anxiety medication. We call it Valium in this part of the world but it makes you chill out and not worry so much about everything. I hate taking drugs but this did the trick and I only needed it for a short time. No need to be a hero. See your doc.

Comment on November 22nd, 2011.

YeeYikes, efrain!! That is definitely more drama than any basketball player needs, or deserves! Hang in and take care of yourself, and good luck riding down the EASY side of the hill!
BTW, did you ever see Woody Allen’s _Sleeper_? The setup is that he went in for a smallish operation (like appendix removal) in the 20th century, and woke up 300 years later — in an encampment of rebels fighting Big Brother! — after being frozen cryogenically because he died on the operating table.
So on the one hand, I guess it could have been worse. But OTOH, Woody Allen got a hell of a funny movie out of it!
Good luck, and good healing.

Comment on November 22nd, 2011.

Hi Efrain, hang in there , it sounds really rough but it also seems like you are getting good care. Rest, take it easy and watch anyovies you have watched before that you liked. That way when you’re up at 2am cos the pain is bad you still know the end of the movie inspite of you falling asleep a half hour into the movie when your pain meds kicked in! ;-)

Comment on November 23rd, 2011.

Hang in there, I know it’s tough… I’ve just come off crutches after nearly 8 months (had a partial re-rupture) which was a pain in the a**. It’s tough but it’s amazing how quickly you forget and start getting back to normal… well normal ish as the moment :)

look after yourself.



Comment on November 23rd, 2011.

what up efrain? keep ya head up man, it’ll get better. i hate to hear about all the complications you’ve ran into, but it sounds like you’ve got things on the straight & narrow now. i had my full left ATR on november 13 while playing flag football, then had surgery on november 18. the hours following the surgery were okay, but the percocet gave me a headache & i ditched it. i started using tylenol & advil. the day after surgery was hell! painful and sore. but w/each passing day, i’ve been doing much better. the only thing i’m battling now is circulation issues. it feels like my soft cast is sufficating my leg. but i suppose i’m okay, b/c my leg & toes haven’t turned purple yet LOL. i go back for my first post-op appointment on november 28. hopefully i’ll get a good report. i’ve highlighted december 30 on my calendar b/c that’s the day i’m supposed to go into a boot, then february 17 should get me into a pair of shoes. i wish ya the best & reply or email me if ya need to vent. take care E.


Comment on November 24th, 2011.

Hang in there…just know there are things in life that get worst before they get better and these are the one of those times. Keep ya head high and take it day by day. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast…

Comment on November 25th, 2011.

Hey Efrain…..Just wanted to check how things were going! Sucks about all you went through, and are still going through. Things will get better and we want to hear when they do! Take care!

Comment on November 25th, 2011.

Efrain i’m sorry you went through this twice and with these complications. Hope things are getting better for you and the worst is over. Hang in there. Please take care,

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