A week and a day

Posted on November 5, 2011 by efrain66.
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Rough first week. Off the pain killers after 3 days I think, figured out how to keep moving around and keep my leg elevated while on the couch working, slept 3 or 4 times as much as I have any week in the last several ( usually only sleep 4 or so ) , and am thankful for my wife, even though she has had a rough week too, and the support system around me.

My incision is real itchy tonight and am looking forward to my first post-op on Wednesday. Missed basketball, volleyball and tomorrow will miss bowling. So that is depressing as well as lifting myself up the stairs and down the stairs is exhausting. Still swell if I keep my leg down for more than 5 minutes, but in general swelling down enough that my cast is moving around a bit and annoying me.

Working at home like this I have slowed down some, but decided that I have to be more serious about losing weight than I have been the last 5 or so years.

Anybody attempt the semblance of a routine while going through this. I have, after the first 3 or so day, started being more careful about what I eat and just eating less. Whose is hungry anyway after sitting on a couch all day?

Given up that I will be one of those quick healers so I am expecting another cast on Wednesday and so makes it easier to just think about every day as a victory. I love the positive stories and the positive thoughts here and so thank you.

Going to go outdoors for a few minutes tomorrow figuring that might help my mood. Haven’t been out since the surgery so again looking for the small victories and will go and put an order in for a knee scooter.


Comment on November 5th, 2011.

By necessity, we’re all focused on our bodies during this process, and taking the opportunity to drop a few pounds isn’t a terrible idea. With the drop in activity, I think most of us do well just to maintain our weight.

I would caution you though- be sure that you give your body everything it needs to heal the injury. Now is not the time to deprive yourself of nutrients or - especially in the first days/weeks after surgery - even calories. The key, I think, is to try and eat really “well”; cut out the junk food and post Halloween candy. To the best extent possible, make sure everything that you put in your mouth is put there with purpose.

Comment on November 9th, 2011.

I had a rough few days at first too - but 2 weeks in now and definitely feeling that worst is behind me. If your cast/wound is uncomfortable then suggest you ask to get it changed. I did at the weekend and felt loads better for it, and the hospital were very pleased I asked.

I’ve had very similar emotions to you - although I’m not planning to diet! After four years of marathons I’m quite happy for the break.

I’ve also found that it’s enabling me to think about a few work problems in a new and better way.

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