Day 4 - Halloween and first day working

Posted on October 31, 2011 by efrain66.
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I will post up pictures when I login from a computer.  Mainly log on using my phone.

Halloween is today and it was my first day after surgery trying to work a full day from my couch.  Neither made me all that happy (fight the depression because that will be the most troublesome), but I did learn something today.

Working a full day from home is easier than it sounds.  I am a manager at a technology company and so all I need is phone and computer access to do everything I do at work.  Except I am a face-to-face kinda guy so that is tough.  Benefit though is I am much crankier and therefore more willing to push back on the shoddy work other people do and then delegate which one of my team can go and nag the other teams to get it right.  Always been more of a do it myself kinda guy.  So I guess this will make me a better manager.

Drawback though is working on a laptop with your leg elevated over a couch has limited positions and they all hurt your back.  Any suggestions would be great.  Trying to move often helped, but only a little bit.  Weaning off the hard core pain killers is letting me feel things in my Achilles that I might not be ready for, but I prefer to be off of them soon.

Halloween, now this I totally thought would go better.  2 kids, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and wife are working on serving up candy and taking kids out. Kids start off upset because their friends started in a group and they weren’t dressed yet.  Finally get them dressed and ready and they want to catch up.  So everybody goes with them and my wife wants to throw a pizza in the oven for dinner.  I say I don’t want to watch it because being wobbly around 450 degrees is not my thing.  Great so I set up a chair and a couple of bowls of candy by the front door and I have a movie on my phone because I don’t move all that quick.  Seriously holding a door open to people who think your cast is a costume and trying to put candy in a bowl of 18 month old who can barely hold a bag is tough.

Really trying to stay positive about it being winter, the holidays coming, and just all the difficult times ahead, but today made it tough.  Delegating better will be a plus and getting a few extra hugs and kisses because daddy is hurt is certainly a plus.