Day 3

Posted on October 30, 2011 by efrain66.
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Tried to let my wife sleep in while I managed the 2 kids. Got them food, let them watch some TV, and she got a couple of hours of sleep. I got exhausted and cranky. Didn’t really want to go back up stairs to get pain medicine, but I should have.


Comment on October 31st, 2011.

These first few days after surgery are really important in recovery. Take it easy and try to stay ahead of the pain. Keeping that foot elevated and sitting still makes all the difference and keeps the swelling down inside the cast or boot. You’ll fall into a comfortable routine soon.


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Comment on October 31st, 2011.

Thank you. Elevated has been easy, sitting still has never been my strong suit. Ice under the knee helps and when I am not elevating enough I swell up and go back to my couch or bed. Annoying on Halloween, but I managed. Thanks again.

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Comment on November 1st, 2011.

staying still is the HARDEST…. if you are used to moving around a lot this is the worst sentence that could be dealt. I am having a hard time letting my husband take over the household duties. You feel so indebted to those around you. It’s very humbling. I can’t wait to have my walking boot on. Hang in there and get as much relaxation as possible!

Comment on November 2nd, 2011.

Yeah I agree. Minus the house hold duties. I helped, but was never the most helpful per say. Helping with the kids and just taking care of myself has been humbling. How is anybody able to relax. I can’t find a comfortable position. Working on the couch with my leg elevated is a circus of how many positions can I rotate through and always ends in back pain. Oh well, another day in the books.

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