Posted by: edhdez | August 21, 2015

Week 10 - Pain in tendon area

I just had my second PT session last Monday, pretty simple theraband exercises and scar tissue massage. I have also been walking at 0ยบ with the flat rocker sole which puts some stress on the tendon. I hadn’t experienced much pain since my re-rupture, but through the week, I’ve been experiencing pain in the re-rupture area. I’m thinking the is scar tissue breaking out now that I’ve been more active and walking more in the boot or if the the change of sole on VACO contributed to it? Do you guys experience pain in the tendon? I haven’t had any so I’m a little concern, I’m thinking it’s because now I’m strengthening it and putting more stress on it? I haven’t experienced much swelling either and now it seems like the tendon area is swelling a bit more. I’ve been FWB walking in the boot since around July 30, and hadn’t have any of these, so coming from a re-rupture is causing me some stress. Thank you all!


I wouldn’t be seriously concerned about it. Is it a sore feeling or a sharp stretching pain? If it is a sore feeling than you are fine. I started pushing hard at the start of 8 weeks post-op doing weighted seated calf raises with 55lbs on my knee for 5 sets of 50 and standing calf raises for 10 sets of 30. I didn’t feel any pain when I was doing it but hours later I started to feel pain in the tendon area and it was sore. I scaled back the next few days and per my therapist I pushed the tendon to much with the sets, reps, and weight. I’m sticking with the PT exercises and not getting ahead of myself. If I were you, I’d just take things slowly since it is your second time around and take baby steps in your progression until the doc and PT give you the green light. Just my opinion. Speedy recovery.

Because you’re dealing with a rupture that’s on the mend, I would be very careful about stretching that ligament. I have found with my Achilles Tendonitis, the more ice I do after walking around helps greatly. I use heat at home to help stimulate the blood flow, which is going to hopefully speed up the healing.

I have been using an ice pack similar to this one, and it allows me to wear it around the house, and at night when I’m sleeping:

I wish you the best of luck in your recovery, and don’t get discouraged, you’re doing great!

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