Posted by: edhdez | July 30, 2015

VACOcast/VACOped question

I’m at 20ยบ FWB at 6 weeks, I was wondering when to change from the Wedge to the Rocker sole. I find the wedge sole to be way too high and makes it difficult to get a good gait walking pattern. Does anybody on VACOcast have any tips about it? Does it make any difference to go early or late to the Rocker? Does it make a diffrence on the healing? Or is it just a comfort issue? Thanks!



Did you get an evenup for your good foot? I had one and it helped me tremendously with my gait

I used the wedge for most of my recovery- just felt easier on the tendon. I wore a shoe or boot with a heel on the good size so I was fairly even. The Vacocast guide moves to the rocker much earlier than I have noticed most people fell works. So glad your recovery is progressing smoothly

I didn’t move to the rocker sole until I was at 0 degrees. Even at 5 I felt strain on my tendon. However, go with what feels comfortable to you. The evenup for the good foot is a must when you have the wedge. I’m actually still using it while in the rocker sole at neutral.

Thank you all, I am actually using the evenup. I tried the rocker yesterday and it was a long stretch. I will wait to get to neutral as you all seem to agree, or I may not even switch as long as the wedge feels good as it is right now. Thank you all!!!

You may need to use the rocker before 2-shoes. “0 degs” + wedge is still a substantial angle.

There is no way you should even try the rocker sole at 20 degrees. I think you would be risking re-injury. 5 degrees was also too much for me, even with the EvenUp. There was too much stress on the knee and hip. It felt like me knee was hyperextending. When I went to zero degrees it felt a lot more secure.

Thank you all for the suggestions.

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