Posted by: edhdez | July 28, 2015

Question about Dorsi Flexion

I’m almost six weeks into my re-rupture non-op recovery. I’m also almost FWB with my VACOcast boot at 25º took it down from 30º yesterday. I’m not in PT yet per my doc’s instructions, only doing ROM excercises. I was recommended by my OS to increase dorsi flexion as I decrease the degrees on my boot. So, so far I’m at about 25º below neutral dorsi flexion and still doing my toe curls constantly and eversion/inversion. I’ve seen some other folks on accelerated protocols already doing dorsi flexion up to neutral. I’m afraid to pass 25º at this point but I’m just wondering if I should try and move along with the protocol that calls dorsi flexion below neutral, which leaves it open to whatever degrees as long as it doesn’t pass neutral.

My questions are:
Should it be safe at this point to try and increase my dorsi flexion so long doesn’t pass neutral?
Would it be detrimental to my recovery if I don’t do as much dorsi flexion as protocols call for?

Thank you all for all your support and keep up the healing.


With all due respect to the folks on achillesblog, these seem like questions best directed to your OS or to a licensed PT. I’ve loved the input I’ve gotten on the blog about others’ experiences and timelines, but I’d be careful about getting advice on specific protocols.

In any case, good luck in your recovery!

I totally understand cpo, unfortunately some folks like me don’t get the best care and we only gather information from former ATRs based on their experience. But you are totally right, you can only take the advise, I usually gather what I can and talk to my OS about it. It is better to be informed in my opinion.

edhdez, I’m sorry to hear re your standard of care. FWIW, I moved to a plastic boot at day 43 and started PT on that same day…but like you it was really just ROM. Maybe your OS’s Physician’s Assistant can help? I pushed most of my questions to the PA until I was able to start PT.

Anyway, totally agree that we can all learn from each other (and support each other) on the board. It’s an invaluable resource and it’s been helpful in my recovery (I am week 19, day 135, post-op, but who’s counting? :-)).

No worries cpo, still a work in progress for me, I’m at 24 weeks. Take care now in the boot and happy healing!

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