Posted by: edhdez | July 24, 2015

Week 5 - Some progress

Going along with the program, in FWBAT, although I’m still at PWB about 80lbs with crutches and trying to be FWB by Week 6. I’ve been hesitant as far as how much weight to bear and following different protocols along with my OS. I continue doing ROM exercises and I’m introducing some dorsi flexion to the program this week, currently at about 2ยบ not much but progress :). I also started a youtube channel to see my progress in case you are interested.
Questions for this week:
1. How to progress dorsiflexion - I was suggested not to rush this but it seems as I should start since protocols mention to do this but not past neutral.
2. FWBAT - I haven’t had pain but it gets swollen pretty fast once I put my foot down. How to progress to FWB?
Wishing everybody good healing day today! Thank you all for your support.


I asked my therapist the same question a couple weeks ago, Ed (I’m in week 11). He advised me to let life stretch my tendon back into dorsiflexion, and not to passively stretch it past neutral.

The swelling will be there for several more months. All you can really do to manage it is RICE. Compression socks help, but a pain to get on and off.

As for FWB, my OS had me start at 40 lbs (week 6), then add 10 lbs every day. That felt like a good progression - challenging without being painful.

Once you’re FWB, and are comfortable at neutral, you should be able to practice standing and walking around your house without the boot. Happy healing!

I like the videos as it shows pretty much where I am at the moment. Here is a video of my ROM at 3 weeks (I had pretty much a good range from 2 weeks or so when my achilles reattached)

Thank you oscillot. I’m almost FWB as of today, having some discomfort, sort of pain coming from the bottom of my foot and going across the foot upwards my leg. Don’t seem to come from the tendon, but I’m slowing down, maybe I will wait til tomorrow to go FWB with out crutches. Have a happy healing day!

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