Posted by: edhdez | July 17, 2015

Week 4 - PWB VACOcast questions

Hope everyone is doing well. I’ve officially started PWB at around 30lbs or 25% and so far so good with no pain. According to my protocol I’m supposed to move to FWB within the next 2 weeks. But I will be doing increments of 25% or as tolerated. I’m on a VACOcast boot and I’m really happy with it in comparison with my old aircast one. I believe it is by far superior and comfortable per say (no boot beats bare foot). But I think there are many features including the wedge and rocker sole. I’m starting at the wedge sole which I believe it’s the tall one at 15º and I will move into the rocker one once my WB progresses. What I’m not totally sure are the degrees at which the boot functions once it reaches 0º PF, I know it can be adjusted to dorsi flexion but I have no idea. Do any of you is experienced with the settings on a VACO? Happy healing everyone!


Hey, Ed. You’ll be FWB in a couple weeks, which will be a real positive step as your foot gets stronger and you regain the use of your hands.

I reached 0 degs in my Vaco this week (10), but am still using the wedge sole, hoping to transition to the rocker in the next week.

The Vaco appears to be able to go as far as 15 degs dorsi, and has the ability to hinge, but I’ve found the movement to be somewhat resisted and the liner slides a round a lot. Listen to your surgeon and therapist, but you’ll probably get more benefit from doing exercises out of the boot, keeping your foot immobilized otherwise, and weaning off it once past 0 degs.

Have you swam in your Vaco yet? It’s a nice bonus to take advantage of once your scab falls off.

I may have spoken too soon. You inspired me to play with hinging in my living room. It definitely puts more strain than I’m accustomed to, but this may be useful once you’re ready for gait training. I’ll post an update in my blog next week.

Hey oscillot! Thank you for the insight! My OS wanted me to get to 0 by the 31st, but seems too premature. I will go with UWO at 6 weeks 30º then ween off in the following weeks. I will jump on the swimming pool this weekend tho, thanks for the reminder! Glad to hear you are healing good. Keep it up!

Definitely listen to your body over a one-size-fits-all protocol, Ed. Has your doc given you the okay to soak your wound yet? Mine didn’t give me permission until the scab fell off on week 8.

oscillot - I’m on non-op so no problem to swim ;)

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