Posted by: edhdez | June 18, 2015

Re-Rupture Nightmare

Just got back from therapy and the hospital. As they ask me to walk in my tipi toes, snap, my achilles appears to have re-ruptured again. Got an xray and the achilles seems to be attached, but possible partial rupture. MRI tomorrow. A lot of swelling and it may not be too bad since I can still dorsiflex and move side to side my foot, but a lot of pain and swelling. Donna, I should have listened to you this morning when I read your comment just before therapy. Hoping for the best and that the MRI comes somewhat good. The PA says I may need surgery if it is too bad, but I told him no more surgery! He said I could go on with the boot but he wont know until MRI. Sorry to bring this up to the newly injured in the blog, it happens, the PA said that my OS hadn’t had any re-rupture in the past 10 years, so he was shocked as well. Take care and hope you all doing better and healing.


DUDE! I am so sorry to hear this. Hoping the MRI comes back with some sort of good news. I am one day behind you on recovery and was just starting to feel like I am past the rupturing scary time. I’m sending prayers your way bro. We’re still all here with you on this.

Thank you! I was going to ask you, do you still have the i-walk? Can I buy it from you? I have no help this time around and need to be mobile. lmk and thank you!

I’m so sorry to hear this! To have this at 18+ weeks, under the supervision of a PT and not doing something crazy like jumping off a building, makes it even worse. I’m pulling for good news from the MRI.

I’m really sorry Ed.

I do have the iwalk. email me at

Thank you all for the support. I feel somehow more relaxed this time around, knowing what is ahead. Hopefully is a small tear or like the PT said, it is only scar tissue that broke. Hoping for the best, I’m really depressed needless to say, have been thru so much and worked so hard to be back at the same spot. I appreciate it, and just so you know and don’t worry too much, re ruptures are rare with a good protocol, so this is not to worry anybody, it just happened to me this time and I’m sure at some point I will heal as well. Take care you all and thanks for your support.

Wow- surprised and so sorry to hear about this possible set back. Will be hoping and praying it is not a re-tear. Keep us posted.

Keep us posted, and good luck.

So very sorry to hear this news. Sending good wishes and prayers that it is not serious.

Best wishes and hoping for a good report.

I just checked the tendon myself, it doesn’t look good, it is as swollen as the first time around and I can feel it just as bad. Thank you for all the best wishes, I wont know the news until Monday that I see the PA again. Take care.

K, waist of all day at the MRI, re-scheduled for tonight at 9 pm. Wow, I already had forgotten how bad it sucks to be in crutches. Appointment with PA is til Tuesday, and no pain meds prescribed, so I’ve been unable to sleep for two days now.

sorry to hear. that sucks. can you feel it mushy and a gap?

vball, actually it is just very swollen and painful. You can feel the tendon is attached but Thompson test failed, so indication of a partial tear, plus the inflammation, a little ball at time of re-rupture is consistent with partial rupture. I’m hoping for the best. My PT was almost crying too, he felt so guilty and couldn’t stop apologizing, after almost 4 months of going there we had built a bond… Needless to say I’m more than depressed and in a brink of a generalized anxiety attack. Riding this alone since my girlfriend (ex now) is no longer around. Wish me luck and I leave you this quote “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the ONLY option you have.” Take care you all.

FWIW, I can never do the thompson test on myself either.

Unfortunately the Thompson test failed with both the PT and PA at the time of re-rupture :(

Hi Ed.. Im very sorry to hear the news..I’m shocked..Hope and Pray all will be okay on the 2nd time around. Just be strong and stay focus.

As always said we are the only one who knows our body. 2 days ago my PT wants me to do a single leg heel raise exercise. I Just do it 3 times because I feel pain, I think its too early and i am not 100 % sure if my tendon is strong enough for a repetitive single heel raise load.

Glen thank you. I think I went thru the grief stages this past few days, now on to the acceptance. I’m getting proactive, specially doing this on my own this time around. I agree with listening to your body, I was feeling the day of my therapy that the new exercises were a little to aggressive and when they asked me to walk on my tip toes inside I wonder how if couldn’t even do a single calf raise. Sure enough as soon as I tried it immediately hear the nightmarish snap!!! I should have listened as you said to my body, but I thought I was ready since I was feeling getting behind. Anyways, like it is said, everything happens for a reason, trying to make sense of this one, I’m just going thru motions right now and trying to not let this set back put me too down.

The MRI was last night, I was so tired I fell asleep with the noisy machine doing the scans for 1 hour, I’ve never had one done before, I hope this time around they get to the bottom of what is going on with my achilles and why is it being so hard to heal. One thing for sure I have decided no to do surgery. I feel like my doctors and therapist have failed me, and will fight to get it done the way many of the nice folks here in this blog have done it with great results and more importantly no re-ruptures.

Glad to hear you are on your way to recovery, keep up the good work and take care.

Hang in there, Eddy (not that you have a choice). +1 on you are not alone. For what it’s worth, reading your timeline has been helpful for me.

You mentioned you are going it alone this time. Have you considered hiring someone off My wife and I brought someone in last week to tidy up the house and do chores, and she did a great job.

Thank you oscillot. I will look into It’s good to hear that my timeline has been helpful to you. Hope you are getting better in your recovery, keep up the good work ;)

Well Ed…what a day yesterday. Mixed results. But I kinda expected it and was mentally prepared. First off…they were not even sure if they wanted to give me an They can’t understand how I am walking and why I don’t have any pain. So this took a whole long time for them asking me a million questions, asking what I did, and all that science stuff. I explained to them that I have been taking care of myself for years so its no big surprise to me and this is my second trip on the rodeo. Its always funny to see medical people have no words to help you, when it doesn’t jive with their studies or protocols. They looked at my past MRI from 2009, and finally believed me when it read “Complete Destruction of the Achilles Tendon with 1.5cm Retraction” I will admit, its crazy to see that report and took it home for first time in 6 years. So, they finally scheduled an MRI for me later this week which annoyed me too since that’s what i was coming there for. They took some blood to check Vitamin D levels. (now that is about the only thing I think was good information). They looked lost honestly, just like in 2009 but please please everyone understand, I think there are amazing docs and amazing therapists who are incredibly helpful and insightful. But some are new to the game, some are still learning, and some are sometimes disinterested which I am always leery of. So, again..I will probably be on my own probably after this MRI…At this point, I just wanted to check and see the damage and make sure I’m on the right path as I tend to heel fast thru the years. I have learned an incredible amount from this site and from everyone’s stories and my recovery is completely attributed to that support and information. For myself and my own case, I’m just getting the MRI for my own record keeping and work verification for the medical leave I been on. But, like I figured, I am gonna be fine with patience and practice…and the heel raises, running, jumping, I made sure they knew…ain’t gonna be tested with them! Lol. So, will return to the gym routine and continue strengthening my calf and quads each day and practicing walking. As I mentioned before, I’m gonna be taking this recovery extremely slow. I don’t care to do anything too fast and I am in transition mentally from just rushing all over the city and doing a million things all the time. Sports is my love, in my DNA, and the temptation is gonna be…goodness insatiable as summer draws on…But I am mentally stronger than my younger early 30s days and I just know, god has blessed me in ways I can never repay. And I can’t ruin this opportunity to get my life back and take it easy from now on. I don’t wanna be in a wheelchair in 20 years. So I guess the summary of my appt is…sadly “Inconclusive or Pending”. At least I did find out, I have pretty bad tendonosis in both achilles in the past, so it only confirms my bball days for all intended purposes are going to be quite light for the rest of my life. Just not worth all this a third time. Maybe I will call up tiger woods, and ask him does he have anymore use for his Golf training books? I want to just add, my story is ridiculous and the outlier, but i do strongly strongly believe in our mental capacity to achieve things we never think we could. So hopefully instead of judging my experience on correct protocols or timing or therapy session, I just hope you may consider just the mental aspect that I have had and that is really within all of us. We really really can get through some of our worst and toughest moments in life. I hope everyone carries just that part of my story with them each day they wake up in the morning or when those little anxiety fears or setbacks occur. They will sometimes happen during this journey, but I always believe the glass is truly half full. I always believe we can always get through so much in life…and after this, I am even more confident in everyone on this site somehow someway, we all can get thru to a better place than we started…with the proper docs, PTs, great advice and tips from others, and of course time and patience. Good luck everyone and to Ed with your MRI today.

With God all things are possible. He carried me through this when I couldn’t carry myself. He brought me the peace and positivity that I needed. Amen

Thanks crawllimpwalkrunjump and eyceman, truly appreciate the support.

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