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My name is Ed, and I ruptured my Achilles tendon while playing soccer on February 8th 2015. It’s been 9 days now since it happened and I had surgery two days later from the day of the injury. All I can remember was making a simple move of receiving a pass and turning around when I felt like someone hit me with a bat from behind. I immediately fell to the ground and got up looking for someone behind me and asking why they hit me.

I’ve got to say that, I had forgotten how painful an injury can be. I Fractured my femur when I was 13 years old, and this injury is about as painful. I had a complete separation of the Achilles and somehow I manage to walk out of the field, walk into my car, and drive home. After that I did my research and I was totally convinced I ruptured my Achilles. That’s when I decided to go to the ER. In my experience the ER was a total waste of time and $250, since at admittance they sent me to get X-Rays thinking I fractured my tibia. Obviously they found nothing until a smart intern decided to do a Thompson Test as I kept telling them I thought it was my tendon. I was sent home with some pain killers and information about some clinic I could have walk into to begin with the next day. At least this put my mind at ease, knowing for sure what just happened to my leg and prepare myself for things to come.

The following day I went to the clinic which is one of the most reputable clinics in Florida, I was happy to go there since my daughter years earlier broke her arm and was treated with excellent results. I was seen by a practitioner first and with no hesitation he said “surgery”. I couldn’t believe there was no option. I didn’t want to have surgery at any cost based on previous experiences, but he gave me no alternative. He then send me to the Orthopedic Surgeon to further confirm and to schedule surgery.

To my relief as I’m talking to nurses and personal turned out my surgeon is one of the best surgeons in staff, and to further confirm this, while I asked him about my alternatives he said I could leave with a cast the same day and go for a conservative approach and have close to the same results as in with surgery. He gave me information to read about both alternatives and left it up to me to decide. I had already did some research online in regards of both approaches, but what convinced me was his rehab protocol. It’s a very aggressive approach post surgery which I believe gets better results at the end. While cost was an issue, I decided that it was worth based on time, results, re-rupture rate, plus my fear of casts, to go for the surgery, which then was scheduled for the following day. I will write about that in my next post, day of and post surgery. Thank you for reading and I hope my experience help others along with their recovery.


Nice post Ed, thanks so much for sharing. I’m glad you are finding supportive “friends” here as I’ve been reading your comments on other blogs.

Like you, my doctor gave me all the information regarding op vs non-op and I also chose surgery. It’s a personal choice. I know many here happy with both options. I think that’s what is important, that we have confidence in what we choose and in our health care professionals.

I no longer keep a public blog but I’m around here and there commenting when it feels like it might be helpful to someone. At 14 weeks I’m father along than many posting now so I can give a ‘view forward’. I’m no expert but I’ve read hundreds of blogs, researched pretty much everything I can get my hands on regarding AT in general…and as a semi-retired teacher I’m enthusiastic about sharing what I learn.

I’m not glad for your injury but I am glad you’re here with us. YAY you!

Thank you Donna. This blog has been so helpful and I appreciate the warm welcome and your replies to my other comments. It is mind blowing to see how many people go thru this, when I first got the injury I felt like my body had finally given up on me at 43 and saw a down hill road for me. I had always heard about ruptured achilles on the news since I’m an all sports fan, and I really never grasp the feeling of those involved and how such a big deal could be to recover form this. This injury has made me appreciate not only how important this tendon is for our bodies to be functional, but has given me an overall view towards life in general. I’m not superficial by any means, but this has made appreciate even more the little things we tend to take for granted as basic as walking on two healthy feet is. I’ll be posting more about my progress and new developments, I’m tackling this full force and I’m looking forward to a full recovery and my come back to the soccer field!

I’m glad to be here, in this blog of course ;-)

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