5 Year Anniversary

I have no clue what made me find this site again, but I cam across it today.  That made me go back and look at my calendar and realize that I am 2 days short of 5 years since the AT rupture.  So where are we?  While the range of motion on the “bad” leg is still not 100% the same as on the “good” one, it does not impact me AT ALL.  I can run.  I can play any sport I want to play.  I can ice skate.  I have hiked up Mt. Washington.  So, for those of you in the trenches, you will be fine.

The AT is still “thicker” than the non-ruptured one and I can still feel the area through the skin that was torn (still some jagged edges on the tendon I guess).  The scar is still REALLY ugly but I blame my surgeon for that (and I don’t really care).

About 2 years ago I had a scare when, playing softball (again), something popped on my OTHER leg getting out of the batter’s box.  At first I thought Oh no, here we go again.  Then I was in denial - if I don’t get it checked, it can’t be ruptured.  Then I convinced myself that it was too high up to be the AT - must be a partial calf tear.  Thankfully, that’s what it was.  I was out of commission for 6 weeks or so, but it was not an AT rupture…

My advice to those of you dealing with this now?  WORK YOUR A$$ OF AT PT.  Get as much PT done as you possibly can and go as many times a week as you can.  The more you can get done in those first couple of months after the cast comes off, the better.  Also, even after PT, keep up weight training on your legs.  Leg presses and leg curls can really make a difference in keeping the legs strong and able to resume and maintain normal activity.

Anyone who has anything specific - please do reach out, but best of luck to all of you.


6 Responses to “5 Year Anniversary”

  1. Nice post\update. Good to hear that you are still competing and have not re-ruptured.

  2. Good stuff! You may want to see my blog page on “Healing Short” so you’ll know what to watch out for. (BTW, my knee has finally responded nicely to religious quad and calf stretching.)

  3. Hi Ed,
    Thanks for posting 5 years post op. It is good to know you can workout and play any sport again without thinking about your AT, but I hate the thought of a thicker tendon and an ugly scar. There is no way around it though, I know…

  4. Regarding your scarring, did you use an oils like Vitamin E or Biolage to reduce visible scarring? I’m 1 week post op and just reading blogs.

  5. MJ - I did not do much of that - I had wound issues for a couple of months and the scarring is primarily because the surgeon decided to just steristrip the 6″ incision instead of suturing it. Laziness? In any event, the scar is about 1/4″ wide in most spots and is fading - in the grand scheme of things, who cares…

  6. Ey up Ed,

    I’ll be 6 years in in a months time. Bad leg doing well sadly I’ve got tendonitis in the good one now desperately hoping I’m not going down the same route again.

    Good to hear you’re doing well


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