Training for a Half-Marathon??

Been several months since I posted - I am now about 18 months post surgery.  I have been running (exclusively on a treadmill for now) with increasing intensity over the last few months.  I am now running about 4.5 miles at about a 9:40 pace 3x/week.  By the way, I have NEVER run this far before IN MY LIFE.  Even before my tendonosis began 5 yeas ago, I would run 2-3 miles, at most.  I am LOVING running like I have never loved exercise before!

I got this crazy thought that I would run a half-marathon.  So, today, I entered the lottery for the NYC half marathon in March.  This will mean upping the distance about 1 mile/week.

The achilles actually feels great - stiff before I stretch it and still very thick, but no pain or discomfort.  The biggest challenge is my calves.  They do tighten up from time to time and I need to ice them and stretch them a lot.  The other benefit is that I seem to have dropped about 10 pounds in the last few weeks - still want to lose 20 more…

I was going to run a 5K this Friday for my first outdoor running, but it is supposed to rain/snow and I DON’T want to risk slipping and injuring myself.

Bottom line, for all of you in the thick or rehab (or waiting to start), keep on plugging away - you WILL get there!

I am hoping my next post is the time I finished my 13.1 miles in March - am I out of mymind????


3 Responses to “Training for a Half-Marathon??”

  1. Good Luck, you can do it for sure.

  2. Well Done Ed,

    Good to see how those who started out around the same time as me are progressing. Have you done some ‘proprioception’ work, just starting to do this with my eyes closed to retrain the mind and regain some balance, it has helped a lot and given me a lot more confidence in general walking. It has taken an age to get this far and in a matter of weeks a new physiotherapist has improved my mobility in leaps and bounds.

    Let us know how the half marathon goes, Jimbo from way back is running the London marathon next year and I have sponsored him so he had better do it!

    Good Luck

  3. Good for you, Ed.
    That is an awesome goal to set for yourself. You can do it!

    I am also about a year and 1/2 post surgery. Nice to see someone with lofty goals.

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