Preparing for my first 5K????

SInce I haven’t posted much recently, a brief overview.  ATR was almost 15 months ago.  Rehab was fine (well, it was long, arduoud and painful, but its always easier through the rear view mirror) until I hurt my knee about 4 months ago.  Recently was able to get back to the gym.  Now, I am a 40 year old 200+ pound (not saying how much the “+” represents) who does not look like a runner.  I have run in the past, but for the 5 years before my ATR, I had tendonosis and couldn’t really run.  Over the last year, I have been using the treadmill both for cardio and to rehab the AT.

Back in PT 9 months ago, my PT recommended alternating 1 minute runs with 1 minute brisk walks, and then slowly extending to 2 and 1, etc.  Recently, I have been comfortably doing 3 minute runs (at 6 mph) alternating with 1 minute walks (at 4 mph), covering roughly 2 miles at a pop.  In general, it feels ok, other than my calves (yes both the ATR calf and the “good” one) tightening up to a degree.  Last night a strange thing happened.  After my first “walk,” I just kept running.  3 minutes became 5.  5 minutes became 8.  I looked down at the timer on the treadmill and thought to myself, I can just go all the way to 20 minutes.  And I did!  15 minutes of consecutive running for the first time in probably 6-7 years!  Had the gym not been full, I would have raised my arms and let out a victory scream.  I settled for a smile and a subtle fist pump.

So I got to thinking - how cool would it be for me to run a race (wearing my Achillesblog t shirt OF COURSE).  I hit the internet and found a 5K run in Paramus, NJ (5 minutes away) on October 19th.  2 months to get up to 3.2 miles comfortably - should be eminently doable and a great goal.  Of course, that will mean leaving the friendly confines of the treadmill and venturing back out onto the mean streets where potholes and (GASP) hills abound.  The best part of it was when my 12 year old son asked me what I was looking at it, and when I told him, asked if he could run with me!  How great would that be!!!

So wish me luck - the soreness is not really bad at all this morning, so I guess there is hope.

I hope those of you a few months behind me can read this and take comfort in knowing that even an old, out of shape, weekend warrior can overcome this ATR thing - hang in there - you WILL get there!


2 Responses to “Preparing for my first 5K????”

  1. Pumping my fist for you!!

    It really is special to achieve a goal.

    Best of luck with the 5K. It really doesn’t matter how far it is, it is just exciting to be able to actually think you will do it. Keep up the training.


  2. Thanks so much Annie - ran another 2.5 miles (roughly 4K) last night. Legs are a bit sore today but AT feels fine (a bit stiff, but that is true of every morning). I just visualize crossing that finish line (both the actual and metaphorical finish line) and can’t wait!


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