Crossing Home Plate!

This may sound a bit goofy, but yesterday was quite a milestone (14 months post ATR).  I have been playing softball all season and the tendon has felt great.  Our league permits each team to take 2 “courtesy” runners each game and, because my teammates are petrified that I will hurt myself again, I have been one of them all season.  As a result, the furthest I have gotten oon the basepaths this season is 3rd base (the one triple I hit).  Fast forward to yesterday…

Bottom of the 6th and we are up comfortable 9-3.  2 outs, bases loaded and I come up.  I line a single to right driving in 2 more.  The captain signals to me to come out for a runner but I waive him off - I figure that I am feeling good, we are up big and the game is almost over - I might as well run.  Next batter lines a gapper to left center.  I take off, round second (momentary panic as I recall popping the AT going 2d to 3rd last year), and see the 3d base coach waving me on.  I round third, and as I come towards home plate, a big smile broke out on my face.  At that point I realized that this was the first time I crossed home plate in over a year!  Somehow, it finally felt like I had made it.

I know this is a bit sappy and all, but that moment meant the world to me (never mind that my wife told me she wasn’t sure I was going to make it).  I have come home again - and it has been a LONG journey.

Yes, the AT is still tight and the calf is still not quite back to 100%, but I have officially rounded the bases.

For all of you a few steps behind me, you will cross home plate.  Its a long journey but man does it feel good to get there!!

Keep the faith!


6 Responses to “Crossing Home Plate!”

  1. Over here in the UK we know nothing about your game of softball, regardless of that your blog actually gave me the shivvers!!

    Great stuff, well done.


  2. Ed, Consider us there in spirit to mob you walk-off HR-style as you crossed home plate.

  3. I second that, wubfree. Keep smiling, Ed, you’re rockin’ onward.

  4. what a symbolic way to know your journey has come to completion. Very “poetic” and VERY cool. Congrats.

  5. What a totally cool story!!!!!! Congratulations! Loved reading this.

  6. Hello Ed,

    I’ve been away for a couple of weeks so just read your post - Well done, I agree it’s a long long road.

    All the best


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