One year ago today…

Wow - I cannot even fathom that it was one year ago today that I felt that horrifying pop and started a journey that would define me for the next several months.  So, where are we today?

I got myself into pretty decent shape through physical therapy and elliptical/treadmill work.  Then I fell out of all those good habits.

I rejoined my softball team this spring and felt great (for the first 2 games).  Then I did something to my knee (the ATR leg) and have played the last 3 games with a knee support.  The knee is getting better, but SLOWLY.  Bottom line, the ATR is not getting in the way of my play AT ALL, other than the fact that I stretch for 30 minutes before each game and play it a little more cautiously on the basepaths.

My scar is still really ugly - 6″ long and still all red and purple.  Not having any externa, sutures (surgeon used only steristrips) made it a wide, uneven, ugly scar.  I guess leg modeling is out for me.

The AT is still tight, particularly int he morning.  My range of motion is still not 100% of my “good” leg, but pretty darned close.  The strength in my calf and quad is probably 90% plus of the “good leg.” 

All in all, I am satisfied with the recovery. 

This site was INVALUABLE to me.  It was a source of information, a source of empathy, a source of some good friends, at least one of which I expect to be a friend for life, and a great outlet during some pretty dark times.

For all of you out there behind me in the process, happy to be there for you - answer any questions, help you realize that it WILL get better, etc. 

Thank you SO much and Happy Anniversary to me!


3 Responses to “One year ago today…”

  1. Happy AT anniversary Ed! A day to live in infamy, right? You have the battle scar to prove it. I am kind of surprised that you did not have stitches, but we did learn from this site that no two docs do the same things.

    I raise my glass of chardonnay to your good recovery and continued progress.

  2. edforman - Congrats on the anniversary! Please post some pictures too when you can! :) Glad that you found the site to be useful in your recovery. Hopefully you get closer and closer to 100% recovery. :)

  3. Hello Ed,
    Well done - you were always a few weeks ahead of me and I have watched your progress carefully.

    I agree about the site its lovely to feel that there’s so many folks around the world who we have talked to and kept in contact with.
    Jimbo and I met up for a beer a couple of weeks ago and even though we’d never seen each other before we had a good laugh and swapped stories.

    Keep in touch

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