Back on the Basepaths

It has been a long while since I have posted, but today was a monumental day for me - opening day of softball season and I PLAYED!  Not only did I play, but the ATR leg felt better than it has felt for years (recall I had tendonosis in the AT for 3 years before the tear)!  Other than taking a shoulder to the ribs (I think they are just bruised - maybe one cracked), it went great.  I spent about 30 minutes stretching before the game and was shocked at how great it felt. 
Last week, on vacation, I did 3 hikes of various levels of difficulty (including one pretty tough one that had ladders and some tough climbs.  The leg held up great there too.

So, to sum it up, 11 months after the ATR, although the AT is still stiff and tight, I finally feel fully recovered.  For all of you behind me, IT WILL HAPPEN!

Thanks to everyone on this site who made this so much easier to deal with. 

Now if I can only get these ribs healed…


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  1. Yes! I know the feeling….my first return to tennis was like going back to the scene of my crime… was quite a milestone. So your venture back to softball was BIG. Congratulations!

    Doesn’t it seem like yesterday when we were blogging about trying to travel with a boot and how to get to work? How time flies. I guess time does heal all. At least, mostly heals. I still feel some stiffness, and I am a few months ahead of you.

    Keep up the great progress. Nice to read your post!

  2. Way to go Ed!

    I havent played yet, missed the 1st 2 games due to work..gonna play on Tuesday.

    AT feels strong..very stable…but I think I messed up my knee when I popped the AT bc it is locking up on me and swells a little. I bet I tore my miniscus (sp?) just like I did on my left knee. Feels similar.

    I swear if I have to get another surgery I will be pissed.

    Nice to hear from you too TJ!!

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