Closing in on 8 months

Wow - I cannot believe its been so long.  Here is the update:

I wish I could say I don’t ever notice the AT, but its not true.  Every morning those first steps are still a bit stiff.  Other than that, though, I must confess that I rarely even think about the AT.  That is a good thing.

I have been VERY lax about getting to the gym.  It is nothing more than laziness and lack of time on my part.  That is a bad thing.

Despite my promises that I would “retire” from softball, I have in fact told my team that I will be back this season.  My intention is to spend 30 minutes stretching the calf before each game and to take it EASY - take pinch runners and stick to playing 1st base.  That is, I think, a good thing.

My 6″ scar remains pretty darned ugly.  I am convinced that my surgeons were just being lazy and decided not to bother with external sutures (and just threw steristrips on the wound).  That, coupled with the wound closure issues I had, left me with a raised and VERY wide scar.  Oh well, I guess my future as a leg model is shot.  That is, a VERY good thing (my legs weren’t that great to begin with) :-)

We are headed away on vacation next week (a family-owned ranch up in the Catskills).  I am tempted to ski, but I think I will be cautious and wait.  I would feel pretty foolish if I hurt myself skiing…  Next year.

Next week is a big birthday for me (one of those birthdays that ends in “0″).  For now, it really isn’t bothering me at all - I am sure that will change.

Bottom line, for all of you out there just starting up in this marathon, keep your spirits up and keep working.  You truly get out of it what you put into it.


2 Responses to “Closing in on 8 months”

  1. Great Post Ed….my scar is still pretty ugly too! I’m 7 months and tight in the mornign and still just wear tennis shoes…..but almost doing normal things. Went snow shoeing yesterday and that was harder than I thought….but getting back out there.

    Have fun on vacation….hit me on the IM when back for a happy bday

  2. Ed..

    Congrats on the B-day and the recovery. Proud of you for committing to playing softball. Remember you only go around once so do what you love to do.
    Have fun on vacation you definitely deserve it.
    Doc Ross

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