6 month update (plus a week)

Well, I missed my 6 month anniversary a week and a half ago but figured I would post now.  Here is the update.

The only time I really “feel” the injury is when I wake up in the morning - those first few steps are still pretty tight.  That being said, when I focus on it, the achilles still feels a bit tight all day, but I just don’t focus on it very much.

I am walking limp free and can walk long distances and stad for long periods of time unaffected.

My insurance company shut down my PT (it was a good run while it lasted) a few weeks ago.  At the time, the PT had said I was a couple of weeks away from being discharged anyway and that everything we were doing there I could do in the gym.

I have been HORRIBLE about getting to the gym - I finally went last night after a couple of weeks of procrastination and noted, surprisingly, that I was still able to do walk/run intervals on teh treadmill for 10 minutes (60 seconds walk briskly, 60 seconds run) without any real trouble and 20 minutes on the elliptical was a breeze.  The leg presses and curls were fine - couldn’t up the weight but could easily do what I had been doing.

The best news is that the tendonosis I was experiencing for 3 years pre-ATR has not returned to this point!  I am cautiously optomistic on this front - but far from “out of the woods.”

My goal is to be ready for softball season in April and I feel pretty confident about getting there.  I will be taking it easy, certainly at the beginning of the season - pinch runners, not legging out those ground balls as aggressively, etc.  I also will be stretching for a full 30 minutes before each game.  Beyond that, I am inclined to stick with the treadmill as aopposed to returning to outdoor running - just easier on the joints.

My scar is still ugly and not fading particularly fast.  The area where I had the incision issues is still thick and a bit bumpy.  Still some improvement, albeit slow.

I still wear my New Balance walkers to work - they are just too comfortable to give up.  I have no problem going back to the normal wing tips when I need to go to a meeting.

All in all, I feel really good about where I am and where I am going (if I can get back into the gym habit on a regular basis).  I have learned so much about my body through this process and just feel more ready to return to “weekend warriorhood” in a way that will hopefully minimize potential for injury.  This injury is one hell of a ride and something that I will always look back to with a mixture of sadness and nostalgia, but also gives me a ton of hope that even at my advanced age (still not 40 for another month!), I can recover from serious injury.

THANK YOU to all of you I have met along the way who have encouraged and befriended me.  This site has truly made this recvoery easier and better.  Dennis, I wish I could submit your costs to my insurance plan because your role in my recovery is at least equal to some of the doctors I saw.

I will try to check in from time to time, but as you veterans know, at this stage in the marathon, you tend to just focus on the road ahead and the finish line…


6 Responses to “6 month update (plus a week)”

  1. Well done Ed,
    You’re almost ‘normal’ again. I am v interested in the lack of tendinosis/ tendinitis pain which I was also suffering with badly before rupture. I have read that rupturing and subsequent enforced rest can cure it - a positive!!


  2. Hello Ed,

    I just passed the 9 month mark yesterday. I remember where I was at 6 months and remembering feeling pretty normal. It’s strange, I still have these moments when I notice another improvement in my gait, posture, or strength. The realization then is that I still have a ways to go, but it’s still a great feeling. I don’t say this to be discouraging, just to let you know that it just gets better and better. One thing that has really been helping me is ‘hopping’ type exercises like jump rope and jumping jacks, along with some crossovers and side shuffling. I think one of the most difficult parts of the rehab is bringing back the fast twitch muscle in the calf. These light impact type exercises really seem to help with that.

    Great update!


  3. Almost forgot,

    Here’s to charging ahead toward the finish line…

  4. Great progress Ed! Keep on posting, I am really interested in how all my buddies do post 6 months.

    I still appreciate being able to walk, carry things, take a shower, and drive. Even after all these months…

  5. Nice Ed!

    I was in a slight gym slump myself…sometimes you just need a week or so off…no biggie, then when you feel ready get back after it.

    Good luck!!

  6. way to go Ed. Keep those sneakers on. I’ll post six months next week, and if I go to a meeting and wear heels I’m down for the “ice count” for a couple days. Luckily with winter here its all about boots and more ergo shoes for the ladies.

    Great job, get to the gym…helps with the healing. I’ve been using Mederma for my scar, I wasn’t sure what it was doing, but lately seems pretty good. I’m sure the two weeks in Hawaii and Miami in the sun didn’t help much.


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