Just Call Me the Running Man

The day has finally arrived.  I shuffled into PT at the ungodly hour of 6:55 AM.  Half asleep, I climbed on the eliptical and did my 10 minutes.  By minute 8, I was getting into it and I actually increased the resistence to 2 for the last 2 minutes (shhhh, don’t tell the PT people…).  [...]

21 Weeks - Slow and Steady Finishes the Race

Just figured I would pop in for a quick update.  PT continues to go well - I have not been a good boy and am only getting there 1-2x/week instead of 3x/week like I am supposed to.  As a result, I get winded and sore.  It has just been difficult to reconcile a ridiculously busy [...]

Misty May ATR??

Thought I caught something on Dancing with the Stars that gold medalist Misty May ruptured her AT training for the Dancing show.  Gonna be tough getting back to beach voleyball after an ATR…  Can anyone confirm? 
Dennis, we gotta get her info on this site - get her to sponsor t-shirts!
On the homefront, wish me luck [...]