Met a Fellow ATR Victim at PT - And His NAME is Achilles!

Yesterday afternoon I was being ultrasounded and noticed another patient with that telltale scar downt he back of his ankle (MUCH smaller than my monster scar, of course).  So I asked the PT, “another ATR?”  He sidles up to me and whispers, “funny thing is that his NAME is Achilles - its quite poetic that [...]

(Almost) 4 month update…

Hey gang - haven’t been writing much because, well, while this injury remains front of mind, nothing “dramatic” has been happening.  Here is the update:
PT continues to go well - I am supposed to go 3x/week but, given work schedules, it has been more like 2x/week.  I go at 7 AM a block from my [...]

Survived Europe

Happy September all - what a miserable summer - GOOD RIDDANCE I say, bring on autumn!
I survived Paris and London last week frankly better than I expected.  The plane was ok - helped to be in business class and have more room and a footrest.  I basically kept the shoe and sock off all flight and [...]