The Beach/Off to Europe

Spent 4 days on the Jersey shore last week.  Day 1, my kids are up at the crack of dawn ready to head down to the beach!  The BEACH?  Sand?  Barefoot?  Can I do this??  After sunscreening the heck out of my scar (that is important for AT LEAST A FULL YEAR folks!!), I slowly [...]

Played 18 Holes Today!

OK, so it was just miniature golf with the wife and kids, but IT COUNTS!  Shot a 47 - not my usual but all my putts were pulling right because of the tight tendon.  OK OK, the only issue I had was having trouble bending down to pick my ball up out of the cup!
12 [...]

Incision Woes Again??

Had a particularly aggressive PT session yesterday (she hurt me - dug into that knot around my tendon and it HURT!).  Not sure there is a cause and effect at play, but this morning I noticed a small dark bluish line under the healing skin in the area of my incision that had been giving [...]

Upping the Ante at PT

I walked into PT this morning for my 7 AM appt. offering a present to my PT - a prescription allowing them to do with me as they wish - no restrictions.  They were so excited.  So, after the bike and backwards treadmill, it was on to leg presses, leg lifts, balancing boards and all sorts [...]