Surgeon Doesn’t Want to See Me Any More

Had my follow up this morning.  After waiting an hour and a half (they were “backed up”), he took a look at the wound.  He squeezed a little, pressed a little - I held my breath that it wouldn’t “pop” open.  It didn’t.  He said it all looked fine and frankly he was expecting worse.  [...] Mentioned on the Radio!

I didn’t hear it personally, but got an email from a buddy that my email to Bill Evans at WPLJ was read on the radio - of course I mentioned that he should check out for great information and support.  So, Dennis, not bad publicity for this little site!

Bill Evans of ABC News Joiins Our Ranks

I was driving into NYC at 6:30 this morning to get to my 7 AM PT appt. listening to WPLJ radio.  They were discussing the charity softball game they played last night and how Bill Evans, the ABC meteorologist, described hitting the ball, leaving the batters box and feeling like the bat his the back [...]

Back from Shea Stadium in One Piece

Ventured out to the baseball game today.  Went with my daughter and a friend and his son.  Had my friend drive.  Luckily, I had prepaid parking and that invaluable handicapped permit.  We ended up being able to park about 100 feet from the stadium entrance.  Other than sending my daughter to get the food, it [...]

I Wore Dress Shoes/Back at PT

I actually wore my wing tips to a meeting this afternoon - just had to wear my low-cut white sock on the bad foot.  It was actually more comfortable than I expected it to be.  When I got back to the office I was expecting the bad foot to be totally swollen, but it wasn’t [...]

One Stinking Dot - But I Think I Will Be OK

Against my better judgment I showered last night.  My kids were starting to avoid me so I figured it was time…  The surgeon had said shower normally, but I was still debating putting a plastic bag over the bad leg.  I didn’t, but I tried to keep the water hitting the incision to a minimum.  [...]

Reprieve from Surgery (for now)

Went to follow up with the doc today - “bad” area of the incision is looking much better.  I have been keeping it exposed to air and staying off of it - in fact, I wore docksiders with no socks to the appt to make sure a sock rubbing against it wouldn’t open it up [...]

Never Thought I’d be Dissappointed with 2 Shoes

Went to the doc.  At first, he was relatively unconcerned and repeated the “its a tough spot” thing.  He said it is possible that a stitch underneath is irritating it.  Then he asked how long since surgery and when I replied 8 weeks, he got more concerned.  He pressed and squeezed (no pain) and told [...]

PT visit #3/Going Back to Doc to Check Oozing out

A day of ups and downs.  After not wearing the boot at all for about 36 hours (I was staying put to try to let the incision scab over), I donned the monstrosity this morning to head to work.  2 things happened:  first, it hurt to have the boot on!  I hadn’t had that kind [...]

Wearing my t-shirt!/oozing setback

Got the t-shirt today - Dennis, it looks great and is comfy.  Thanks!!
Was sitting at my dining room table today and one of my kids looks down and says “ewwwww!”  I look down and see my incision oozing and running down towards my foot.  Huh?  It has NEVER done this - it was closed - [...]