One advantage of having my surgeon play in my softball league is that I get to bug him when my team plays his - as happened this morning.  After the game (even though he didn’t pitch too well) I cornered him and asked him about (1) the stray stitch; (2) the mild “oozing” on the [...]

What a difference a day (off) makes…

Today was the antithesis of Monday.  After the last two days I decided to blow off the one meeting on my calendar today and work from home.  Despite getting woken up by our Paris office at 7 AM (man it would have been nice to sleep until 9), it was an amazingly relaxing day.  Other [...]

Overdid it?

Yesterday was my first full day in the office iwht the boot on.  I did manage to undo the straps a couple of times to “let it breathe” but I had the boot on for 16 hours straight, including 3 hours at a client dinner where it was just down with nowhere to put it [...]

Wheelchair Mishap/Stitch sticking out

I had to park at a different garage today because I have a client dinner tonight and wanted to be parked where I could crutch from the restaurant to my car when it is over.  The guy who meets me at my garage met me at the other garage - only 3 blocks from the [...]

Boot after 48 hours - better

Slept without the boot last night and kept it elevated all night.  Swelling was better and it felt GREAT!  I have been removing the boot more today when I am in bed - feels much better when I am airing the leg out.  Doing some basic ROM stuff - afraid to push it though.  Feels [...]

Boot after 24 hours - Did I make a mistake?

OK - 24 hours into the boot - it has been REALLY rough…
First I tried to shower.  Sat in the shower chair but was so afraid to rest my foot on the tub floor and given the downward slope of the tub, my thigh was BURNING.  Turned the chair around and it was “ok.”  Decided [...]

Advice on Intl Travel

Need some advice.   I am 4 weeks post-op and got my boot today (see prioor post).  No weight bearing for another 2-3 weeks.
I found out today that I “need” to be in London on business the week of July 21st (4 1/2 weeks from now).  So I will be 8-9 weeks post-op.  I am assuming [...]

He gave me the BOOT!!!!

4 weeks post-op - back to the doc.  He sawed the cast off and I got my first look at the scar.  Yuk.  About 5″ long and full of gunk.  He was kind enough to get rid of the gunk with some alcohol.  He put a few steristrips on one spot that is still a [...]

The Return to the Softball Field

Now don’t go getting worried, I didn’t play (the cast would have gotten in the way).  I had dropped off two of my kids at a chess tournament and didn’t have anywhere specific to be, so I decided to stop by the field my team was playing on and say hi to the guys.  I [...]

A busy day and how pathetic I am…

Yesterday was probably the most active I have had to be since the ATR.  I had a funeral in the morning (lots of fun crutching in through a crowd), a charity dinner in the early evening (bigger and more obnoxious crowd) and a board meeting for my kid’s school later in the evening.  When I [...]