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PT Day 2 Getting in rhythm
July 18, 2014, 8:48 pm
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  • Started with massage and stretching. The medial side of the AT is sensitive to deep massage (6 out of 10). Ham and quad are really tight and felt good to be stretched.
  • ROM and resistance exercises were fine.
  • Rode the stationary bike - Cardio needs work
  • Squat machine - Both legs and Iso - Felt good
  • Core, back, chest, and medicine ball work ¬†- ¬†Good
  • Felt strong overall and nice to get in some kind of rhythm. Following the protocols posted on this site early helped me get ahead of my PT. At week 4 I began phase 1 exercises (Foot alphabet, circles, dorsi to 0, toe movements, leg raises etc.).
  • Next appointment is tomorrow 7/19
  • Happy Healing Everyone!

Sounds like things are progressing well. Must feel good. How often are you having physiotherapy? Take care. Happy healing.

Comment by nosport45 07.20.14 @ 5:35 pm

nosport45 - Thanks and yes, such a relief to get my PT program started. 3 times per week with homework in between. All the best on your healing!

Comment by eddienomura 07.21.14 @ 1:59 am