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The First Follow-up visit. Suture Removal
June 17, 2014, 8:00 pm
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Two weeks post op today, minimal pain and swelling compared to the first week. Occasionally my heel feels like it’s burning otherwise doing much better. Fitted for an adjustable boot NWB which was fine but it seems heavy. I guess this could be due to the muscle loss in my leg which looks noticeably smaller…:( My next appointment is in 4 weeks on July 15. Going to start exercising this week, light weights and yoga. I guess this would put me on a 6 weeks PWB timeline.

Part of the challenge of NWB is that our leg muscles weren’t designed to hold a foot way up in the air for a prolonged period.
About a year ago, I started developing alignment problems in my right knee (probably resulting from a too-short surgical ATR repair over a decade ago). The main solution (which has slowly worked a charm) was tonnes of stretching of my (always tight) quads and my tight calf-and-AT. I often do quad stretches while brushing my teeth or shaving, and it seemed easiest to do them “actively”, just using my own leg muscles (biceps, through the hamstring?). But very soon after I started, my muscles cramped up something awful.
When I complained about that to my PT, she said most people can’t actively hold their leg in a quad stretch without cramping. It’s not something “normal humans” have to do with their leg muscles.
But holding an immobilized ankle in the air isn’t far off, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of us went “past tired” during NWB. I do recall how much relief I got from being able to kneel on my NWB leg (e.g., while brushing teeth and shaving), rather than continuing to stand (with or without crutches) with one foot up in the air.
I don’t recall the weight of the boot being a major factor, but obviously more weight would be worse.

Comment by normofthenorth 06.18.14 @ 3:07 pm

Thanks for the insight and added the quad stretching to my regimen. Funny you bring up “relief I got from being able to kneel on my NWB leg (e.g., while brushing teeth and shaving)” because I always feel the same. Thanks for the feedback!

Comment by eddienomura 06.19.14 @ 2:51 pm

Just got my 2 week post op also. Have a cast with removable bottom for toe presses. Will go back in two weeks. It seems that some people on this site are walking and doing things doc didn’t recommend. Why so many different ideas on recovery and which protocols seem to be most effective?

Comment by kenfrmbham 06.27.14 @ 5:45 pm

kenfrmbham - many people come here and ask the same question. Maybe we should do a survey of the doctors and find out why from them. Every specialist group will have a variance and I suppose until you have a problem in a particular area you will not be exposed to that. For an ortho it can be the case of what has worked for the last 25 years or so since they started in the field. This is not a high profile injury for them so they are less inclined to look at new treatments. My research has led me to the conclusion that most of the treatments give a good result in the end but some get you up and back to normal routines a bit quicker with less complications. Early weight bearing and mobilization tends to do this. Plenty of research around on it. My page (xplora) has some links and you can see others on Normofthenorth.

Comment by Stuart 06.28.14 @ 1:22 am