Crooked scar after post op

Here is a picture of my horrible scar left after removing suture’s on November 21st.  I have had my soft cast removed and now have a boot where I can put some weight on it, but not all.  Still waiting for an appointment with PT.

3 Responses to “Scar”

  1. Oh man! Don’t worry - the scar heals very quickly and loses that dark colour. I actually kinda like mine now.

  2. I agree….I like mine now too. I even named them. The lower longer one is named Archibald and the smaller one I named Junior. I am having my left leg repaired in January. I have already decided on the names Dr. Evil and Mini-Me for those.

    Yep! I have sat around waaaayyyyyy to long!

  3. For a tat that incorporates an ATR scar, check out RyanB’s blog!

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