Almost 12 weeks!

Okay, been released from therapy to train on my own. Mornings I am strong and walk without a limp with great push off from the injured foot. As the day wears on this fades a bit. I am able to press 75lbs 20 plus times now with the calf and working to improve that each week. Actually completed a run on the snowboard with my boys on Sunday but quickly realized I wasn’t able to keep up the stress on the heel any longer than that…at least the bar was open in the lodge! Been doing double heal raises daily and actually can do a weak single leg calf raise. The range isn’t great but the mental win of knowing where I am at in regards to recovery and being able to even get the heel up is super motivating! Running is still 5-6 weeks away by direction of my Physical therapist…whom I have complete trust in and am blessed to have help me along my recovery. I am completely sold that aggressive rehab is the only way to go. It allows life to become ┬ánormal sooner, less residual issues with ROM, and promotes strengthening of the support muscles and calf engagement earlier allowing less atrophy issues. Besides that, I am a stubborn guy who even looked at rehabbing my leg as a competition. Side note, hit golf balls today without issue so off to the links I go!

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  1. Ali
    April 10th, 2013 | 1:03 pm

    Bit of a landmark there dusman! keep up the good work.

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