PT updates, almost 8 weeks post-op

Well I thought I would drop in and share a summary of what PT consists of at this point in the game. Been 2 shoes for a week and feeling more “normal” everyday. Strength regiment is as follows:

1) 12-15 mins biking, medium to heavy resistance

2) leg press, both legs 200lbs X 20 reps

3) leg press, injured leg only 80lbs X 20 reps

4) side steps using resistance band until failure

5) eyes closed, balancing on injured leg for 30 seconds X 3 times ( harder than you think, try it!)

6) calf press, injured leg only 30lbs X 50 reps ( leg straight for a set then leg bent for another 50)

7) treadmill walking for 5 mins, emphasis on correct form and driving off injured foot

8) new today, heel raises with both feet. This was exciting to be able do for 15 reps. Focused on even distribution of work, don’t cheat with the strong one!

Followed with 10 mins of icing…I am also icing at night just to keep any swelling in check. That’s it for now, still happy with the progression and trying to not overdo it and hinder the recovery.


2 Responses to “PT updates, almost 8 weeks post-op”

  1. normofthenorth
    March 14th, 2013 | 1:37 am

    Sounds like a LOT for <8wks post! Don’t forget to Watch Your Step, too!

  2. Dusman
    March 15th, 2013 | 12:22 am

    Watching every step for sure and completely aware that I am far from out of the woods. I was a very healthy and active individual prior to the injury which I believe assists recovery. Looking forward to heading back to Crossfit with my wife and running with my kids!

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